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^ ,'- 

' /)(<<■/■ me ■ S yenitatem, et '■/)/'■><■//>// '/nun. c/ (pyoienftam. 







It was with 
faith that the 
responded to 
needs of the 
Toronto, over 

confidence and 
Basilian Fathers 
the educational 
young men of 
150 years ago. 

Today, those needs continue to 

be met. 

A renewed St. Michael's 
College School was blessed and 
dedicated to the great glory of God. 
The blessing was invoked upon the 
new facilities of the school . 

The largest and newest addition 
to St. Michael's is the new East Wing 
which includes classrooms, computer 
labs, the new library, staff offices, the 
staff lounge, the main office, as well as 
the music, art, and design technology 

The first additions to the school 
were the science wing at the north end 
and the gymnasium facilities. The 
new dressing rooms and weight room 
were added in late 2001. 

<eMem6w 22' M . 200 »/ 

-*• The new East Wing of St. Michael's College 

School, on a warm spring afternoon. 

▼ This commemorative cornerstone was placed 

to be a lasting reminder to all of the dedication 

to Catholic education that is the tradition of St. 




-*• Long time support 
ers Mr. Stan Price and 
Bud Odette reminisce 
about the old days. 
4 Mrs. Kim Baile) of 
the Office of Develop 
menl reads the scrip- 
ture lesson. 

v r 

It was Bishop de Charbonnel who set St. Michael's College School in motion. He arrived in Toronto in 
1850 as the second bishop, succeeding Bishop Michael Power. His diocese extended from Windsor to 
the northern regions of Lake Superior. There were two parishes in Toronto, the Cathedral parish and St. 
Paul's parish. Three priests served the 8000 parishioners. 

Bishop de Charbonnel saw the pressing need for Catholic high school education. In his plans 
for Catholic education, the Bishop thought of his former teachers in France. He had been educated at 
the College Annonay near Lyon, a school established by the Congregation of St. Basil, a community 
of priests founded during the French Revolution. This small group of priests fled from the ravages 
of the revolution to a mountain village called St. Symphorien de Mahun. In 1822, the priests made 
a commitment to live a common life in Christ. Thus was established the Congregation of St. Basil 
(C.S.B.). the Basilian Fathers. 

As de Charbonnel came to know his diocese better, he decided to establish a minor seminary, 
a school for high school students who wished to study for the priesthood. In response to the Bishop's 
request for help, the Basilians in Annonay decided to send four of their most able men to Toronto. The 
group of four left Annonay in July of 1852 and arrived in Toronto in late August. And so St. Michael's 
has grown from the days of being a minor seminary to a high school which today offers a programme 
of studies which prepares a young man for university, but more importantly 

for service to his community, to his country and to 
his God. In early 1852. St. Michael's College was 
established and was housed in part of the Bishop's 
house on Church Street. 

The College soon outgrew the facilities of 
the Bishop's palace and in 1 856 it was moved to Clover Hill, a property 
donated to the Basilian Fathers by the Honourable John Elmsley. Clover 
Hill was outside the city at that time in an area now bounded by Bay, St. Joseph and St. Mary's streets. 
In 1881, St. Michael's was affiliated with the University of Toronto for post -secondary education. The 
high school section expanded much more rapidly than the college section, so in 1902 a new wing was 
added to the original building and the high school remained in this building until 1950. 

It soon became evident that the post-war years would demand much of the school and that the 
Bay Street buildings were not equal to the challenge. At this point, the College 
School was separated from the College and in September 1950, St. Michael's 
College School opened its doors in new buildings at Bathurst and St. Clair 
Avenue where it is situated today. 

In 1995, a capital expansion program improved the current facilities by 
adding several new classrooms, a Lecture Hall, a new Gymnasium, a new East 
Wing complete with classrooms, new Music and Art facilities, and Administrative offices. Today's 
school offers the latest technology-based research and application tools. 

St. Michael's College School remains a model of Catholic education in Canada. The school 
remains the only independent boys Catholic school in Ontario, and one of only a handful in the country. 

On September 15th, 2002, St. Michael's College School celebrated its 150th Anniversary. 

150 Years 

of Leadership in Catholic Education 

IT MKOTAEII/S cm i gem 

1|50^ Anniversary Gala 

February 23 rd , 2002 

ml 6 



Fr. Daniel Zorzi, C. S. B. 
St Michael's 
College School 

For which of you intending to build a tower, does not first sit down and estimate the cost to see 
whether he has enough to complete it? Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation and is not able to 
finish, all who sec it will ridicule him saying "this man began to build and was not able to finish" 

Luke 14 : 28-30 

Facing all directions at once, the yellow brick tower of St. Michael's College School 
stands prominently and neatly as it reaches high from its solid foundation into the shapeless 
sky. The intention to build this structure many years ago was made real with the school 
community of St. Michael's. And so. the tower becomes for us a type of metaphor, as it reaches to 
conquer the vastness of the sky and to make its mark. 

So too, the school, laid on a firm foundation, soars to accomplish great things in the ever 
elusive face of education. In a certain sense, our community also reaches for the top each 
and every day, cutting out its place in the history of Catholic education. In this issue of 
The Tower, I hope that the pictures and scripts are gentle reminders of this year past in which 
St. Michael's has continued to reach new heights in advancing its mission of teaching goodness, 
discipline and knowledge. 

We pray that like the builders of the tower, we will bring our project to completion once laid 
upon the foundation of the teachings of the great master, our Lord Jesus Christ. Best wishes 
to the 2001 graduating class. Enjoy this edition of The Tower, savouring the rich memories 
that each page elicits. May each of us walk proudly into the future knowing that our life continues to 
be built on the firm foundation of St. Michael's College School. 

May we be a tower of strength for those whom we meet. 


amel ^<mzb 



Mr. Joseph Brisbois 
St. Michael's 
liege School 

•Society is in need of strong Catholic leaders." 
"This school is blessed." 

A I our opening liturgy this year we talked about respect and community. St. Michael's College 
School is a community that is blessed with many gifted individuals. When these talents can 
be shared and developed the school benefits immensely. The ultimate strength of the 
community will be measured by how effectively people can work together. 

The Catholicity at St. Michael's is extremely important to the overall life within the school. 
Society is in need of strong Catholic leaders. The day-to-day approach of life at St. Michael's 
has a locus that shows our commitment to our faith. We are fortunate to have Basilian Fathers 
as members of our school community who work with the staff, parents, and the students to provide a 
complete Catholic education. The development of the students at St. Michael's prepares them with the 
opportunity to impact positively on the community life outside of school. 

Respect for one's own talents is an important part of how we interact with others. The 
individual development o( students within the school promotes the concept of self-worth 
which ultimately allows a person to be proud of who he is. Regard for one's inner sell then 
allows us io see the dignity of the other individuals that we meet. A community that develops with an 
appreciation for individual worth allows a strong sense of togetherness to be present. M> wish is one 
tilled with hope as we establish an approach that respects the gifts and talents that each individual 
brings to the development of a strong community. 

This year represents the 150th anniversary of Si. Michael's College School. The school has 
come to be known as an institution that has a reputation for excellence in Catholic education. 
The efforts of the Basilian lathers, stall, alumni, parents, and students have contributed 
immense!) to the tradition of St. Michael's. 

I r. Cullcn and the yearbook staff are to be commended for their outstanding effort in publishing I he 

W// - r /)j'/>>/m>/>) 

- * 

It ' -- "A 


m> * 

1 , ; 


>r/er of 


< v.i The highest honour that the school bestows on a person is the 

}M£J Order of St. Michael. Members chosen for this Order are those who 
"have contributed to the school and its services on the basis of material help, social 
services, educational effort or spiritual advancement. It is obvious that 
the reputation of the school is advanced by the efforts of all who contribute 
in any way to its progress. The (■)/■</<'/■ <■/ (■ )/. ■ WitAae/ recognizes such people. 

Mr. Max Ciccolini 

Dr Hubert Higgins Fr. John Murphy C.S.B 


Fr. Anthony Kelly Sister Susan Moran O.L.M. Mr. Jack Fenn 

s\\ Si Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of Battle: Be our safeguard 
against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke Him. we 
N hiimbh pray, and do Thou. O Prince of the HeavenK Host, by the pow cr 
of Ciod. cast into Hell. Satan and all the other e\ il spirits, w ho prowl 



through the world, seeking the ruin of souls. 





h. Fulton 
< Prefects 

The Prefects of St. Michael's College School arc selected from the older students to act as 
emissaries of (he school, to pro\ ide exemplar) conduct tor new and younger students and to 
promote school spirit in every area of the school. 

The Prefects donate a lot of their time to the school's activities. The\ have been 
more active this year because of the many visitors viewing the new school. The Prefects 
have volunteered to act as tour guides and have given a great deal of helpful information to 
\isitors. When parents are accompanied by prospective students the Prelects are a positive 
influence for the school. 

*■ Front Rem : Id I I eung, Stephen Tardiff, Paul Carbonelli, Pal Quinn, Nick Pozhke, Chris Citrullo, 
Andrew Meneguzzi, Michael John, Julian Barkin Middle Row: Jonathan Mar, Salvador Pareja, Ryan 
Kuuii". Paul Friday, John Paul Giliberto, Andrew Siqueira, Jonathan Hendricks. Michael Dayenais 
Back Rom : 1 1 umbull Fisher, Rob I ,ongo, Richard I ee, I dw ard Kuo, Matl \ uko\ ic, Andrew Roberts, 
Paul Mariani, Derek Mior, Michael Bravo Not In Picture: I >a\ id Allegranza, Vndrew ( !han, Justin than. 
Mai i hcu Coulter, David Cramer, Joe Garisto, Kevin Henry, < lonner Higgins, Patrick Johnson, Janusz 
Michalik, Donal Mulroney, Mark Power, Da\ id Santi, Luke Saw icki, Joseph Sgro, Dan roto, Dennis 
Wagner, Derek Whittaker, Sheldon Winter 

r ^ = *^*^v v 

St. Michael's College School 



November 22 nd ^3 rd , 24 th , 30 th 

December 1 st 


Right: Defense Attorney Henry Drummond (Michael Lista, 
left) and Biblical Fundamentalist Matthew Harrison Brady 
(Michael Murphy, right) confront each other after court has 
been recessed. ► 

Below : District Attorney Tom 
Davenport (Andrew Escobar) and 
Mr. Brady wait for Mr. Drummond's 
next move after he is denied expert 
testimoney on Darwin's "Descent of 
Man". ▼ 

Below : Henry Drummond 

Jcli ihl\ Bertram Coles 
(Luke Sawicki) who 
has been convicted of 
teaching evolution in the 
i lassroom. ▼ 






Above: Rev. Jeremiah Brown (Adam Teolis) and the Minor (Alfonso 
\ih ilia) pose for a picture with the new appointed "Honorary 
Colonel" Brady, shorty alter his arrival in Hillsborough. ■*■ 

He that troubleth 

his own house shall 
inherit the wind. 
1'rmerbs 11:29 

Below : Mrs. Brads i \4aeve 
Williams) consoles her husband 
Colonel Brady, after he lias been 
humiliated by Ihtmst Attorney 
Henry Drummond, on the 
witness stand as an expert <>n the 
bible . » 

Above: District Attorney Tom Davenport angerly accustd De 
Attorney Henry Drummond qj introducing irrelevant, immaterial, and 
illegal scientific testimony. ■*■ 

Left: Rev. Jeremiah Brown asks llu 
lord to strike down the sinner. Bertram 
Cates, who has spoken out against the 
revealed word. The townspeople raise 
their hands to the heavens at the prayer 

Below ( olonel Brads faints and 
tails from his podium during a 
speech that tails upon deal ears. 
His supporters rush to Ills aid as 
he eomes crashing down. » 



Inherit the Wind is one of the great 
courtroom dramas of the American theatre. 
Historically adapted from the well known 
"Scopes Monkey Trial" in the summei of 
l l )2.s at Dayton, Tennessee, it is an episode 
in American political , legal, and religious 
history which is played out in the battle 
between biblical fundamentalizm and 
scientific evolution. 

John Scopes, a high school biology teacher, was accused 
of criminally violating Tennessee state law prohibiting the 
teaching of evolution in the class room. Tennessee was and is 
a state in the traditional "Bible Belt" of America, politically 
and religiously aligned with Biblical fundamentalists. The state 
hired William Jennings Bryan, a political giant and three time 
presidential candidate, to prosecute the case. To counter this 
move, the famous Chicago lawyer Clarence Darrow, volunteered 
to defend Scopes at his own cost. Journalists from all over the 
world arrived in Dayton to cover the trial of the century. 



St. Michael's College School 


flherit tH e 

Directors Assisstant Directors 

Mr. Oatt, Mr. Story Mr. Doan, Ms. Zakowski 

Sound Design 

Mr. Crawford, Mr. Pietrkiewicz 

Set Design and Artwork 

Mr. Geniole. Mrs. Pignetti, Mr. Di Piero 

Mr. Pietrkiewicz, Ms. Zakowski. Andrew Escobar 

Mark Rzeszutek, John Buckley. Rent Brennan, Laszlo Kerekes, Peter Frost. Roh 

MacDonald, Nicholas Tsang, Adrian Vieni. Andy Nicholson. Benedict Tomory. Matin 

Rehello. Matthew Antiolin. Amelio The, John Levine 


Co-ordinator: Ms. Monica Walsh 

Mrs. Anne Bellissimo. Ms. DiMeglio. Ms. Dignan, Ms. Zakowski 


Mrs. Pat Matthews. Ms. Zakowski. Ms. Monica Walsh 

Stage Crew 

Stage Manager: Brad Harrison 

J. P. DiGiulio, Glen Arthur, Amilio The, Michael DiGiulio, Ben Kim Jurors 

listed at right 

Marketing and Publicity 

Marketing Manager and Website: James Andrachuk, Marketing Co- 
ordinators: Adam DeLuca and Alfonso Nocilla, Communications: 
Radey Barrack, Taylor Moffat, Warren Saldanha, House: Mrs. 


Matthew H. Brady 
Henry Drummond 

Bertram Cates 
Rachel Brown 
E.K. Hornbeck 
Rev. Jeremiah Brown 
Tom Davenport 
Mr. Meeker 
The Judge 
The Mayor 

Mrs. Sarah Brady 
Howard Blair 
Mrs. Blair 
Mr. Goodfellow 
Harry Y. Esterbrook 

Mrs. Krebbs 
Reuters Reporter 
Mr. Bannister 
George Sillers 
Hot Dog Man 
Hurdy Gurdy Man 
Mrs. Loomis 
Jesse Dunlap 
lee Cream Boy 
Mrs. Me Lain 
Mayor's wife 
Elmira Peabody 
Emily Jones 
Dr. Amos Kelle 
Dr. Allen Page- 
Walter Aaronson 

Michael Murphy 
Michael Lista 

Luke Sawicki 
Emily Sestito 
Geneva Tubby 
Adam Teolis 
Andrew Escobar 
Adam De Luca 
Geoff Frost 
Alfonso Nocilla 

Maeve Williams 
Julian Ellis 
Diana Ho 
Maureen Kinghorn 
Joe Mc Lean 
Vinay Fernandes 
Mark Molckovsky 
Jackie Lovrics 
Mike Maksymowski 
Stefan Saladziak 
Sean Jenkins 
Nathaniel McGroarty 
Aidan Dineen 
Chris Rose 
Shannon Kavanaugh 
Martin Zettel 
Brendan Barrack 
Elisa Valade 
Courtney Harrison 
Stephanie Di Giuseppe 
Johana Grande 
Aidan Dineen 
Michael Di Gitilio 
Jason Page 
Kell Lynch 
Warren Saldanha 
Andre Solecki 
Taylor Moffat 
Damien Frost 
Michael Ferrarelli 
Derek O'Farrell 
Rob Tersigni 



8000 8008 

&& 1 


Glen Arthur 
Blue Echo Editoi 

The Student Government is a student elected 
body that plans and co-ordinates student 
activities within the community. The chief 
responsibilities of the Government are to act 
as a liaison between the students and the 
administration, as well as to organize vari- 
social and charity events at the school. 

Mr. Walsh 

a* 4*' 

Jordan Sgro 


Grade 8 

Grade 9 

Jefl Alfonso 

Bookman Nocilla 
Grade II 

faylor Stephen 

Moffal I ecce 
Grade H) 







"i r, 

')i ii' 

92 l'- 


93 '»', 


92 <>•, 93 l', 94 09! 




93 • 

KF-.VIS < I: M Olfkf.V I) < kl / 



II II ' 

sill | don WIND k 


/lO/i(>/f/'') [M >)('/tO iff/'-) 


£ ^ Teacher, Coach, Photographer 

Mr. Nicholson has become famous 
at St. Michael's for his work with 
students and teams. He has been the 
photographer of team photos, athlete 
shots, and theatre productions. His 
photos can be identified as organized, 
balanced, and sharp. 

Mr. Nicholson's presence in 
the classroom began in 1971 "when 
he was teaching at Our Lady of the 
Assumption. He transferred his skills in 
the teaching of English to St. Michael's 
where his students enthusiastically 
embraced his down to earth practical 
methods. This legend of a teacher 
is sure to be remembered by past 
students for years to come. He taught 
his students that correct grammatical 
formation was the basis for proceeding 
to higher learning. 

His coaching skills included 
championship teams in hockey, football, 
and volleyball. Mr. Nicholson's talent 
and love for photography have captured 
countless memories for students. After 
14 years at St. Michael's. Dan Nicholson 
now embarks on a new career in 

St. Michael's College wishes Mr. 
Nicholson great success in all that he 


+■ Mr. Nicholson prepares his daily 
grammar session for his grade 10 class. 

i This is one class you'll never find a 
binder in. Only a neat and organized 
FIVE-STAR 1 Wirebound Notebook 
is acceptable. 

▼ Mr. Nicholson quickly passes over a 
perfect English notebook. 


Staff & 



CE 1» D 

Fr. Daniel Zorzi C.S.B. 


B.A., M.Div.. J.C.B.. 

L.C.B.. M.C.L.J.C.L., 

Ph.D., J.C.D. 

Mr. Mike Aquino 

B.A., B.Ed. 

Grade 7 Core 

Career Studies 

Under- 14 Soccer, 

Track and Field 

Mr. Joseph Brisbois 

B.B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. 


Mr. Paul Dignan 

B.A., M.Ed. 

Vice Principal 

Director of Studies 


Mr. Terence Sheridan 
B.A., B.Ed. 

Vice Principal 


Mr. Paul Barry 

B.A., B.Ed. 

History (DepartmentHead) 

Cross Country 


Mr. Francesco Bazzocchi 

Ms. Anne Bellissimo 

Mr. Frank Bergin 

Mr. Peter Bissonnette 

B.A.. B.Ed. 

B.A.. B.Ed. 

B.P.H.E., B.Ed. 

B.A., M.Ed. 






Physical Education 

Chess Club, Blue Herald 

Cross Country, 

Good Shepherd Refuge 

Track and Field 




■ r 

Mr. Daniel Blaik 

Ms. Pat Belaud 

Fr. Leo Burns. ('.SB 

Mi. James B\ i ne 

B.A.. B.Ed. 

B.A.. M.L.I.S. 

B..V. B.Ed.. SIB.. M.A., 

B.A., B.l d. 

English. History 



Grade 8 (ore. Math 

Jr. Hockej 

Reach for the Top 

English (ESL) 

Senior hockey, 

Debating, Archery, Public 

Intermediate ( !ross 



Mr. Chris Callaghan 

B.P.H.E.. B.Ed. 

Grade 8 Core 

Under-14 Volleyball, 

Intermediate Cross 
Count r\ 

Mr. Enzo Carcasole 

BA. B.l J. M.Ed. 


Jr. Double Blues Hocke) 

Jr. Football 

Writers Club 

Mr. Leornard Chittle Mi Eddie Choi 

Mr. James Coghlan 

\b Mai k ( law ford 

Bilk.. B.Ed. B.Sc, B.Ed., M.Ed. 

B.Sc, B 1 .1 

B.l A.. Bid.. 

;raphy, Physical and Career Studies 


Musk- and Ail 

Health 1 ducalion 1 inlei 1 I hack and Field 

< omputer Club. 

Si Hockej 

Intermediate S\ m phonic 



Ms. Anne Marie Cserer 

B.A.. B.Ed., MTS. 

Career Studies, Guidance 

Jr. Reach For the Top, 

Peer Tutoring 

Fr. Bud Cullen. C.S.B, 

B.A., M.Ed. 

Art Department 

Yearbook Moderator 

Ms. Irene Dankowycz 

B.Sc, B.Ed. 

Mathematics. Computers 

Mrs. Margaret DeCourcy 

B.P.H.E.. B.Ed., M.Ed., 


Duke of Edinburgh 

In The Driver's Seat 

(DA AC) 



Mr. Chris DePiero 

B.P.H.E., B.Ed. 

Grade 7 Core, History 

St. Michael's Buzzers 

(Head Coach) 

Mr. Gennaro V. DiLeo 
B.A., B.Ed. 

French. Italian 
Italian Drama. Briscola 

Miss Anna DiMeglio 
B.A., B.Ed.. M.A., 

French, Science 

Tennis, French Aide 


Mr. Mario DePiero 


Architectural Technology. 

Design and Technology 

St. Michael's Buzzers 

(Assistant Coach) 

Mr. Nick DiPinto 

B.A.. B.Ed., 


Italian (Department Head) 

Junior Soccer 

Mrs. Tania DiRosa 

B.F.A.. B.Ed. 

Visual Arts 

Art Club 


Mr. John Doan 


Chaplaincy, Science 

Ms. Wanda Drapala 

History. Ci\ics 


Fr. James Enritiht. C.S.B. Mr. William Filield 

B.A.. M.A. 

Parking Passes. 

Intramural Hockej 

B.P.H.E., B.Ed. 
Phys. Ed. (Dept. Head). 

Sr. Hockey, Intramurals 

Mr. David Fischer 

B.A.. M.A.. M.Ed. 

Philosophy. Theology 

(Co-Department Heath 

St. Paul's Outreach 
Program. Jr. Volleyball 

Mr l)a\ id Fitzpatrick 

B.A.. B.Ed. 

English, Historj 

Cross Country, Swim 

Team. Track and Field 

Fr. Norman Fitzpatrick C.S.B. 

Mr. Paul Forbes 

S.T.B., M \ 

B.A., B.Ed. 

Parents' Association 

( luidance, 

Athletic Director 

Sr. Football 

t. Patrick Fulton, C.S.B. Mi CarlGeniole 

B.A., B.Ed.,M.Di> IndustriaJ Arts Specialist, 

I holog) I >esign and Technolog) 

Prefects ^udio/Video Club, 

( lhaplain, Maims Set ( !onsti uction 


Mr. Clemente Grassi 
M.A.. B.Ed.. B.A. 

French (Dept. Head I 
Italian Play 


Mr. Andrew Leung 

Science. Mathematics 

Mr. Pasquale Mancuso 

B.A.. B.Ed. 

Grade 8 Core. English 

Prep School Intramurals 

Mr. Emile John 

B.Sc. B.Ed.. 

Mathematics. Science 

Track and Field 

Jr. Basketball 

Mr. David Lee Fr. Michael Lehman. C.S.B. 

B.A.. B.Ed. B.A.. B.Ed.. M.Div.. M.A. 

History. Law Superior- Basilian Fathers 

Jr. Football. U-14 Hockey, of St. Michaefs College 
U-14 Softball. St. Lucia School. Chaplain 


Mr. Charlie Lewis 

B.A.. M.Div.. B.Ed. 

Law. Geography 


Ms. Muki Mandic 

B.Sc. B.Ed. 

Grade 7 Core. Science 


Mr. Giancarlo Mazzanti 
B.A.. B.Ed. 


Mr. Peter McCann 

B.A.. B.Ed.. M.Div. 

Theology (Co-Depart- 

Athletic Council. Buzzers merit Head). Philosopln 

Golf Team 
Philosophy Club 


Frances McKenna, F.C.J. Mr. Peterjohn Miller 

B.A.. H.Dip.Ed B.A.,B.Ed. 

1 aglish Grade 7 Core. Phys. I d 

AP English 

Exams Coach 



Mrs. Sheila Morra 

B.A.. MA. 

Latin. Greek, Civics, 

Jr. Baseball. U-14 Hockey, Classics (Dept. Head) 
U-14 Softball Blue Spartans 

Mr. I dd> Narducci 

B Sc, B.Ed. 

Math (Ass't. Dept. Head) 

Volleyball Ti >u rnaments 

Canadian Mathematics 

Mr. Daniel Nicholson 





Ms. (iail O'Grady 


B.Ed., M.S( 


( Iross-Country, 

l rack and Field 

Mr. Matthew Kagano 

B.P.H.E., B l 
Grade 8 Core, Math 
Prep. Chess. U-14 Soccer. 
I 1 1 Basketball 

Mr. Gregorj Paolini 

B.B.A., MB\. B I d. 

I Hrectoi ol Vdmissions 

and Scholarships 


Mr. Jamie Oatt 

B.F.A.. Dip. Music. B .1 d 


Drama. Ski leant. 

Jr. Concert Band. Jr. Jazz, 

Si. Jazz 

Mr. Paul Pietrkiewicz 
B.Mus. B.Ed., 

Music i Department Head) 

Senior Conceit Band 

Drama. Musical 


Mrs. Louise Pignetti 

Mi Michael Quinn 

Mr. Frank Ribanch 

Mr. Miko Romano 

A.O.C.A.. B.A.. B.Ed. 

B.A.. B.Ed.. M.A. 

B.Sc. B.Ed. 

B.A.. B.Ed. 

Visual Arts (Dept. Head) 


Chemistry. Mathematics 


Art Club 

Green Council. Society 

for Justice. Stock Market 


Jr. Football. Sr. Baseball 


Mr. Michael Ross 

B.A.. B.Ed. 


Sr. Football 


Mrs. June Scandifrio 



Pro-life Club 

Mr. George Shust 

Mr. Da\ id Sm\th 

Mr. Da\ id Tessaro 

Mr. Ian Thompson 

B.Sc. B.Ed.. M.A. 


B.Sc. B.Ed. 

B.Sc. B.Ed. 

Mathematics ( Department 


Science ( Department 


Head ). Computer Science 

Math Club. 


Photo-Video Club. 

Computer Programming 

Father Holmes Contest 

Jr. Basketball. Science 

Audio Editing. 

Club. Ski Team 


Audio Production 


Mr. Frank Trenladue 
B.A.. B.Ed. 

Sr. Football 

Mr. John Vella 
M.Div., B.Ed.. B.Sc. 

Debate Club 

V V. 

Mr. hn/o V itullo 
B.Sc. B.Ed. 

Science (.Assistant 

Department Head) 

Jr.. Sr.. and Intramural 

Vol lev ha II 

Mr. John Walsh 
B.P.H.E., B.Ed 


Student Government, 

J i Hockey, 

Majors' .Academic Ad\ isor 

Mr. Michael Zahra 

B.Comm.. B.Ed. 


Physical Education 

Sr. Football, Wrestling 

Mr. Anthonj Zanardo 

B.A.. HI d 

Geography ( Depart men! 

Head). Economics 

SMCSTA President, 

Si. Soccer 

I i Cecil Zinger, C.S.B. 
B.A.. B.Ed., S.T.B.. 

\ R.< I 

OAC Philosophy, 


Mr. Jeff /.ou nil" 

B.P.H.E., Bid. Ml d. 

Physical and Health 

I ducation, Science 

Sr. Basketball, Jr. and Si 

Ms. Barbara /.akowski 

B.A., B.Ed. 
English, History, Ch ics 

Art. Drama 

Mrs. Sonja Ribarich 

B. \ 
Assistant Librai ian 

Choir. School Gardens Baseball, March Break [Yip 

Mrs. Kimberlej Bailey 
Development Officer 

Mr. Stephen Bailey 

Mrs. Angela Biasini 
Receptionist. Secretary 

,>• - 

Mr. Adrian Bucur 
Assistant M.I.S. 


Mr. Michael De Pellegrin Mrs. Cath\ DiNunzio 

B.A. Comm. Secretary to the Principal 

Communications Officer and President 

Web site Moderator. 
Yearbook Moderator 
Jr. Hockey 

Mr. Radu Ghitescu 

Mr. Greg Hook 

Mrs. Mary Jane In ing 


Guidance Secretary 

Mr. Lawrence Kavanagh 

B. Arch. 
Director of Development 


Mrs. Dianne Levine Mrs. Erica McKorrall Mrs. Marie Mendonca Mr. Tharma Nagalingham 

R.N. Accounting Department Receptionist, Secretary Maintenance 

School Store Manager, 

Special Events (Office of 


Ski Team 

Ms. Marianne Ottavino 
Attendance Secretarj 


Mr. Dan Prendergast 

B.A., M.Ed. 

Alumni Affairs Officer 




Mr. Joe Rendace 


Mr. Bill Smith 

Plant Manager 

Mr. Ian Smith 
senior Building < >peratoi 

Mr. Paul A. Thomson 

Human Resources 

Mr. Robert Tunnej 
R.R.I A.C.I I. 
Vrena Manager 

Mr. Steve (unnej 

Assistant \iena Managei 







A,l4sllv|^ A f, 



Aboud, Adam 
Adelman, Gabriel 
Albina, Anthonj 

Asia. Mario 
Baldassarra, Michael 
Barrack. Brendan 

Bezerra, Alexander 
Bottomley, Andrew 
Boyd, Matthew 
Buccella, Jonathan 
Cameron. Tom 
Cammisa, Francesco 

Caporusso, Louie 
Cashman, Man 
Chan, Darren 
Chepesiuk, Paul 

Cipparrone. Michael 
Clune, Matt 

Contardi, Eric 

Corso, Andrew 

( lousineau, Brian 

Cullum, Ryan 

Da Fonseca, Joao 

De Francesco, Domenico 

De Guzman, Art 
Degasperis, Adam 
l)i Fonzo, Joseph 

l)i Lena. Michael 
Di Lena. Richard 
l)i Stefano, Matthew 


Donovan, ( !olin 
DM Amelias, Adrian 

I'l Michael 

La/an. James 
I igliano, Nico 
Fitzgibbons, Matthew 


Forbes. T) ler 

Francella. Alex 

Gazdic. Lucas 

Goodall, Thomas 

Grbac. Daniel 

Guida. Gianfraneo 

Higgins. James 

Iu. Andrew 

[wanski, Mike 

Jebb. Matthew 

Keeler. Lavin Paul 

Kitchens. Walker 

Kobzev. Anton 
Lau. Jefrrej 

Lee. Martin 

Leon. Justin 

Leung. Christopher 

Liambas. Michael 

Maclnnis, Cameron 

MacNeil. John 

Maggisano. Joe 

Marciano, Robert 

Mazza. Pat 

McDonnell, Regan 

McLean. Riley 

McLeod. Michael 

Melchior. Christian 

r p ? 


f 1 f* 


fcft t* 4* (4 J4 *« 




Mendes. Nicholas 

Miceli. Adam 

Miceli. Gregory 


Ah A* 


Michaud, Graeme 

Morra, Michael 

Morse, Benjamin 

Nicholson. Andy 

Nicholson. Stephen 

Niven. Aaron 

1 P 








Oh. Edward 
Oliverio, Louie 
Oliveti, Francesco 
Pazionis, Alexander 
Pelech, Michael 
Pileggi. Julian 

Pinteric, Patrick 
Rosada, Michael 
Rowland. Andrew 
Ro\ iwsky, Jeffrey 
Ruhino. Eric 
Rudmik, Adam 

Sabato, Robert 
Scuglia, Frank 
Seath. Jeremy 
Simonetti, Daniel 
Sochan, Philip 
Tobin, Brent 

Tomory, John 
Tough. Alexander 
Trafford, David 
Tricarico, Stephen 
Troiani, Justin 
Troncone, Michael 

Tsang, Jonathan 
Valeriani, Matthew 
Van Peteghem, Alexei 
Vascotto, James 
Yieni. Adrian 
Walsh. Mark 

Welch, Bryan 

Zampini. Phillip 

Zentil, Armand 


Agostino, Anthony 
Amlinger, Andrew 
Andreoli, Thomas 
Arthur, Jerome 

Who. Ross 
Babiak. Mikhailo 

Behan, Conor 
Bianchi, Adam 
Brown. Andrew 
Burnes, John Da\ id 
Capo, Alessandro 
Cattana, Thomas 

Chachula, Andrew 
Chan. Adam 
Chan. Ton) 
Cheung, Christopher 
Cholkan, Greg 
Chu, Kalvin 

Ciz, Zenon 
Congiusta, Francesco 
Contini, Benjamin 
Cooper. David 
Corbo, Michael 
Cutler. James 

D'Amico, Michael 
D'Andrea, Da\ id 
l)e Simini, John 

I )e \ incenzo, Adrian 
Demarchi, Daniel 
Di Biase, Paul 

Dimonte, Stephen 
D Mello, Jules 
Faga, Emile 
Fidani, Robert 
Flabbi, Julian 
I roment, Mark 


Froment. Pierre 

Gadacz, Stefan 

Galasso. Nicholas 

Gasbarre, Louis 

Gaughan, Jeff 

Gidaro, Marco 

Greco. James 

Hwang. John 

Hyde. Jonathan 

Iannaci. William 

Kanes. David 

Kim. Eric 

Krmec. Adrian 

Kuhlmann. Kev 

Langton, Chris 

Laszlo-Scattolin. Devyn 

Lenihan. Ian 

Levine. John David 

Lindsay, Ryan 

Liorti. Jonathan 

Lott. Corbin 

Macchia. Nino 

Manastyrski. Ostap 

Mariani. Richard 

Marra. Anthony 

Martella. Luca 

Mazzuca. Adam 









McTavish, Daniel 

Mehak. Christopher 
Melchior. Albert 




Melino. Alex 

New. Robert 

Ng. Alan 

Nicholson, Philip 

O'Loghlen. Sean 

Orsini. Gregory 

Ltd t*i ii ti kd k*i 











*li fcl 4*. fcft t * 







Pasquale, Matthew 
Piccininni, Andrew 
Reford, Michael 
Reid. Terrence 
Ronan, David 
Rubacha, Steven 

Ryan, Ciaran 
Saldanha, Jason 
Sammut, Raphael 
Santelli, Louis 
Serpe, Joseph 
Shumka. Matthew 

Skinner. Morgan 
Smith. Christopher 
Speer, Robert 
Stacey, James 
Stevens. Da\ id 
Suppa, Stefan 

Surkont, Jacob 
Tedesco, Michael 
Templeton, Adam 
Tighe, Michael 
Tomory, Anton) 
Tomory, Benedict 

Torchetti, Da\ id 
Toth, Adam 

Venditti, Christopher 
Visconti, \ ictor 
Wallace. Ha\ id 
Wintermeyer, John 

Wojtasik, Philip 
Wbolnough, Harold 
Yankou, I ee 
Zentil, .Uk- 
Zyla, Matthew 


Jf. ■ W^ael'6 Co//< T (-Uoo/ 

JEM Sum 

Accardo, Vince 
Adamo\ sk\. Luke 
Amendola, Matthew 
Angka, Jonathan 
Antolin, Stephen 
Arruda, Philip 

Asaro, Angelo 
Astone, Daniel 
Bach, Conrad 
Badali, Paul 

Badour, Michael 
Banwat, I >a\ id 


Barbetta, Paul 
Barbieri, Dave 


Barbiero, Roben 
Barbuto, Richard 
Barnes. Bradlej 
Barrack. Tyler 
Bellisario, Michael 
Benjamin, Elliot 

Birgiolas, Andrew 
Brewer. Michael 
Britton, Michael 

Buckley, Jon 
Burgess, Steven 
Burton, I )aniel 


( !aissie, Nicholas 

( 'ammisa, Giuseppe 
Campbell, Ian 
i aiere. Jonathan 
Carinci, Matthew 
Cassiani, I reddie 


Ceci, Michael 

Celebre, Da\ id 

Cernuto, Alessandro 

Chan, William 

Chow, Irvin 

Chu, Jeffrey 

Claridge, Colin 

Chine. Richard 

Cogliano, Andrew 

Colucci, Michael 

Connor. Adam 

Constancio. Jonathan 

Contardi, Marc 

Conway, Liam 

Crain. Geoffrey 

Crawford, Brent 

Cruz, Christopher 

Dagenais. Steven 

Dane. Fraser 

Daros, Alex 

De Medicis, Stephen 

De Santis, Mark 

Debowski. Adam 









Del Rizzo. Daniel 

Dermen, Arthur 

Di Fonzo, Thomas 

Di Iulio, Dante 

Di Nota. Matthew 

D'Orio, Steven 

Doumouras, Ari 

Duffy, Stephen 

Dwyer, Daniel 







Eccleton, Damien 
Ellis, Julian 
F. might. Michael 
En i. Julian 
Farquharson, Ian 
Ferrante, Michael 


] Ferraro, Cosmo 
Fisher, Carl 
Fiume, Marc 
Formusa, Michael 



Frost, Evan 
Frost, Geoffrej 
Ganas, Matthew 
Gazdic, Benjamin 

Gemmel, Christopher 

Giles. Scott 
Gilligan, Matthew 
Gillin, Mitchell 
Gindi, Timoth) 
Giorgianni, Anthonj 

( ion/ale/. Luis 
Grassa, Pasquale 
Greto, Joseph 


Grossi, Emilio 
Grossi, ( rabriel 
1 larquail, Petei 

I lermanns, Michael 
I lernandez, Santiago 
Hill, ryiei 
Hocko, Alexandei 
ladipaolo, Daniel 
[erullo, Steven 


Johnson, Shawn 

kaipinski-Leydier. Michael 

Kilian. Michael 

Kim. Lloyd 

Kivlichan, Robert 

ki/ito Nsubuga, Andrew 

Knights. Nick 

Korre. Andrea 

Korylak, Michael 

Kuhlmann. David 

Kurnik. Adam 

Lang. Chris 

Lee. Bryan 

Leung. Anson 

Li. Jonathan 

Locicero, Mark 

Lombard!, Giancarlo 

Longarini. Michael 

Lynch, Kell 

Ma, Derek 

MacDonald, Matthew 

Malatesta. Michael 

Man. Andrew 

Mancini, Anthony 

Mantella. James 

▲ life 




Marcello. Paolo 
Mascarenhas, Leroy 

Mastrantoni. Andrea 


May. Colin 

McDonnell. Michael 

McGroarty. Nathaniel 

McKeown. Michael 

Mendicino, Matteo 

Meznaric, Roberto 






= \ 




Miele, Peter 

Minnow. Joseph 
Miskiv, [van 
Misterski, Michael 
Mondejar, Jean 
Montanaro. Jonathan 

Montemurro, Matthew 

Morelli. Michael 
Morris. Craig 
Morns. Nathan 
Moyer, John 
New. James 

Ng. Michael 
Ngai, William 
Nitsch. Paul 
( )'l arrell. Tra\ is 
Ollara. Christopher 
Olkovich, Adam 

O'Neill, Vince 
Onorati, Carlo 
Osswald, Kristian 
Panacci, Anthonj 
Pasta, Adrien 
Pastolero, Pin 

Pelech. Matthew 
Percuklijevic, Stephen 
Perera. Sam 


Petko\ ic. Dusan 
Piccin, Jonathan 
Pichini, Alessandro 






Policaro, c iiancarlo 
Poole, Da\ id 
Poprawa, Jason 
Procunier, Phillip 
Punzo, Andrew 

Puppi, \aion 


Rasaiah, Prashannth 

Rasbach, Paul 

Raso, Paul 

Reis. Matthew 

Reiterowski, Michael 

Religa. Michael 

Rice. Stephen 

Rocco. Vince 

Rouleau. Gregoire 

Rouleau. Marc 

Rubinoff, Jared 

Russo, Daniel 

Rutigliano, Robert 

Rygiel, Andrew 

Rzeszutek. Mark 

Saladziak. Stefan 

Sales De Andrade.Elliott 

San Juan. Matthew 

Santoro, Adam 

Sartori. Andrew 

Savage. Frankie 

Scarafile. Ronald 

Seivwright-Adams, Troy 

Serio. Chris 

Sexton. Patrick 

Shim. Augustine 

Shimkoff. Anthony 





Shrubb. Jansen 

Silva. Michael 

Sniderman, Jhase 

Soobratty, Alex 

Suriano, Michael 

Sutton. Eric 

Tarn. Nicholas 

Taylor, Andrew 

Taylor. Peter 

k* 4 ft 4<l 









tw6 • »«^^i 

— ■ < 



Tub' ^ H ■ 
-*■ '■■ tmu • IbsI 


Tilatti. Michael 
Tino. Chris 
Tirone, Marco 
Tkach, Nicholas 
Tomasone, Raffaele 
Treutler, Michael 

Troiani, Daniel 
Troncone, Matthew 


Turner, l)a\ id 
Viggiani. Donin 





Villa, Chris 
Vitullo, Robert 

Wang. Peter 
Watt. Alexander 
Wolkowski, Thomas 
Wren. Sean 

Zamparo, Julian 
Zamperin, Michael 


w.v.'-*i<» I 









Abel I. Emanuel 
Agostino, Mario 
Alves, Matthew 
Anga, Matthew 
Angelucci, Jonathan 

Antolin, Robert 
Ardizzi, Luca 
Aretusi, Jonathan 
Aucoin, Robert 

Baranyai, Tenuis 
Barnes. Ke\ in 
Barrack, Radej 
Bascom, Andrew 

Bernardo, (iian Paolo 
Bonello, Andrew 

Bouffard, Andrew 
Boyd, Ke\ in 
Bozzelli, Alessandro 
Brennan, Reid 
Briant, Jesse 
Brisbois, Michael 

Brown. Darren 
Brunei. Daniel 
Buccella, Christopher 


4i Ah 

Burkart, Darrj I 

Burke. Ross 
Campbell. Thomas 


Campolucci, Michael 
Canham, 1 ric 
Caporusso, Francesco 
Cappadocia, l>a\ id 
Cappola, I elio 
Cappuccitti, I )aniel 


Carcone. Marc 


Carnevale, Andrew 


Carroll. Paul 

f - 1 

Casinelli, Robert 

Cengarle, Michael 

Charles, Brendan 





Cheng. Kris 

Cheng. Matthew 

Cheung. Eric 

Cianfarani, Michael 

Cipriani. Mark 

Citrullo. Robert 

Colatosti. Michael 

Colino. Frank 

Corbo. Mario 

Cramer. Richard 

Dabiet. Patrick 

Dabrowiecki. Kris 

D' Andrea. Lawrence 

De Buono, Robert 

De Laurentis, Ryan 

De Simone. Marco 

De Simone. Massimo 

Dela Cruz. Christopher 

Di Biase. David 

Di Giulio. Michael 
Di Gregorio, Paul 
Di Salvo. Michael 

Drikos. Peter 

Dunsmore. Michael 

Edwards. Tyrone 

Egberts, Alexander 

Fernandopulle. Anthony 

Ferrarelli, Michael 










l;h A\l Aitt ^k1 

Fidani. ()iv\ 
Filip, Matthew 
Finegan, Wade 
Formusa. James 
Formusa, Vince 
Forti, Andrew 

France, Ashton 
Gadacz, Marco 

GatTncN. Hamonn 
Galasso, Michael 

Gareri, Jonathan 
(ia\ in-Griffin, Peter 
Gentile, Ryan 
Giampuzzi, Paul 
Giancola, Marco 
Giorgio, Alexander 

Goncalves, Jeffirej 
Gonsalves, Christopher 
Grossi, Adam 
Grossi, Andrew 
Grubisic, Michael 
Hao, Koji 

Harmantas, lorn 
Hayman, Jaren 
Hofmann, Alexander 

[anni-Palarchio, Peter 
[antorno, Robert 
lerullo, Alex 

I p. Wilfred 
Jaskiew icz, Jan 
Johnston. Simon 
Junior. Christopher 
Kent, Jonathan 
Kerekes, I aszlo 


Kobzev. Artem 

Kolarich. Jason 

Komarnycky, Nick 

Kostyrko, Andrij 

Kubicek, Matthew 

Kwasnycia, Zorian 

Labate, Anthony 

Lazzaro. Da\ id 

Lecce, Stephen 

Lee. Jae-Won 



Lee. Matthew 

Leeking. Michael 

Lenius. Joel 

Leshchyshen. Orest 

Lettieri. Rick 

Levine. Paul 

Lidstone. Kellen 

Loh. Oliver 

Loureiro. Daniel 

Luszczek. Christopher 

MacDonald. Andrew 

Magee. Tom 

Mahony. R\ an 

Malatesta. Michael 

Malatesta. Peter 



Man. Kenneth 

Mancina. Greg 

Mariani. Francesco 



Marquez. Francis 

Masterson, Drew 

Matijczyk, Zachary 

Mattalo. Stephan 

McAuley. Scott 

Mclsaac. Mark 

f> f" ' 


Mcmme. Adriano 
Meneguzzi, Brandon 
Miceli, Adam 
Micieli, Jonathan 
Middonti, Mario 
Miller. Lucas 

Milway, Daniel 
Minicucci, Daniel 
Moffat, Michael 
Moffat, Taylor 

Montanaro, Daniel 
Moretti, .Andrew 
Morsillo, Andrew 
Mosdell, Jason 

Moyer, Joseph 

Murphy. K\le 
Naldini. Alessandro 
Naranow icz, Eric 
Nespolo, Da\ id 

Ng. Derrick 

Nicoletti, Da\ ide 
Niven. l.iam 
Nonato, Gregory 

( )'\eill. Justin 
( )re, Jonathan 
( )sbourne, R\ an 

( )iia\ ino, Marco 
Pacione, I ouis 
Pallikaras, ( ieorge 
Pallotta, \nihon\ 
Palmieri, Nicholas 
Petrauskas, Aras 


Petrungaro, Robert 

Pickles. Sean 

Pinteric, Peter 

Policaro, Fortune 

Potichnyj, Alexander 

Procunier, Michael 

Punter. Cod) 

Puriricati. Stephen 

Quinn. Richard 

Quinn, Scott 

Racco, Alexander 

Radcliffe. Andrew 

Ragan. Michael 

Raimondo, Gianfranco 

Rigobon, Chris 

Rinella. Anthony 

Ronan, Stephen 

Rosa. Christian 

Rose. Christopher 

Rowlin. Stefan 

Rubino. Michael 

Rush s. Aras 

Russell. Cor\ 
Rutledge, Mark 
Sacco, Raffaele 


4f jmI il ^ 1* 41 








i\i t j * ,» t * 4,* Ai 


til At) 

Saldanha. Warren 

Selke. Frank 

Semplicio, Robert 



Sgambelluri, Michael 

Shanly, Peter 

Simone, Mark 

Simone, Mark 

Skinner. Brian 

Skinner. Nathaniel 


f 1 

Solda, Nicholas 
Stefanac, Tomisla\ 
Stepien, Stefan 
Stevens, John 
Storus. Mark 
Sullivan, Christopher 

Suppa, Nicholas 
Surkont, Michael 
Taylor, K\ le 
Tersigni, Adrian 
Tersigni. Robert 
Turczyn, Zcnon 

Ursini, Brandyn 
Ursini, Jonathan 
Van Delft. Blake 
Vetta. Lucas 
Yieira. Jason 
Voon, Jude 

Vukovic, Daniel 

Walsh. James 
Weizer, John 

Welch, Ke\ in 
Whittaker, Kurt 
Winiarz, Edd> 

Wojtasik, Arthur 
Wolski, Wojtek 
Yong, Reggie 
Zeno, Apostolo 
Zuccarini, Matthew 









t 1 






i 1 life 41 


£1 4l ▲ 1 Alvl Ail Al 


r < 

Albonese, Daniel 
Alexander. Rolan 
Alkins, .Andrew 
Allegran/a. Daniel 
Andrachuk, James 
Andreoli, Christopher 

Antolin, Matthew 
Antonik, Paul 
Astone, Michael 
Badour, David 
Baldassarra, Matthew 
Barry, Greg 

Benedetto. Greg 
Bertucci, Alessandro 
Bookman, Jeffrej 
Bo\ nton, Michael 
Braga, Michael 

Buba. Michael 
Burlington, Thomas 
Burton, Eric 
Byers, Michael 
Campbell. Richard 
Capuano, Frank 

Cataneo, David 
Cerullo, Franco 
Chan. Eddie 
Chan. Ke\ in 
Chio\ itti. Mark 
Cimini, Roberto 

c lipolla, Core) 
Clark. Denis 
( looper, Joseph 
Coscarella, Marco 
( ressatti, Justm 
Crolla, Michael 

I )a I onseca, Carlos 
I >a Sil\a. Daniel 
D'Amico, Nicholas 
Dawood, Steven 
D'Cruz, ( ieofrrej 
De I isi. Damn 

De Luca. Adam 

De Santi. Julian 

De VuonoDi Lucu. Zachary 

DeDominicis, Francesco 

Di Blasi. Gianpaolo 

Di Fonzo. Daniel 

Di lulio, Da\ ide 

Di Pasquale, Danny 

Di Renzo, Marc 

Di Tosto. Luke 

Dias, Alexander 

Dileo, Aaron 

Dineen, Aidan 

Dineley. Angus 

Dixon. Jonathan 

Dobosz. Thomas 

Donegan, Lawrence 

Donnelly. Ryan 

Downs. Matthew 

Drennan. Giancarlo 

Escobar. Andrew 


fcl dLl til fci 4,1 

A,fc 1* 1 1 4<t AJ 



Ferraro. Paul 

Filip. Mark 

Fortnum. Robert 

Francella, Michael 

Freitas. Andrew 

Freyman, Mark 

Frost. Damien 

Garetson, Adam 

Gibbons. Adrian 

Gimblett. Tyson 
Grant. Daniel 
Greco. Robert 
Grossi. Adam 
Harris, Kieran 

Hayward. Casey 









Hui. Joe) 
leraci, Vito 
Dinacak, Brian 
Irwin. Giancarlo 
Jenkins, Scan 
Johnson. Mark 

Jones. Michael 
Jones. Sean 
Kandiuk, Mathew 
Kavanagh, Patrick 
Kavanaugh, Sean 
Keating, Jonathan 

Kim. Andrew 
Kim. Steve 
Komorowski, Bar! 

Kostowskyj. Michael 
Kiuiskne. Stefan 
Kwong, Kel\ in 

Kyrzakos, Jeffrej 

I. aw son. Nicholas 
Le Coche, Michael 
Leung, NeKon 
Le\ me. Michael 
Li, Kel\ m 

Lombardi, Sil\ io 
Lozzi, Mark 
Macdonald, Robert 
MacKinnon. Bryan 
Maiolmo. Luigi 
Maksimowski, Michael 

Mamalyga, Matthew 
Mammolili. Jean 
Man. Michael 
Manduca Barone,Alessandro 
Marques, Alexander 
Marra, Robert 

Matthew, Daniel 
Mazurek, Carl 
M( ( aithy Sean 
McCutchan, Andrew 
Mc I lugh, Ke\ in 
M( Phee, lain 


Meehan. Jonathon 

Meneguzzi, Robert 


Mitchell. David 

»isseykin, Vladimir 

Moretto, Peter 

^v ^ 

Mori. Ian 


38fl I 

Myndiuk. Roman 


Nahirny. Adrian 


■* v 

Nanni. Ke\ in 


Naumovich, Gabriel 

Newton. Andrew 



Nicholls. Sean 



Nocilla. Alfonso 

Nunes. Jonathan 

O'Farrell, Scott 

Pagnutti, David 

Pal, Andrew 

Pal. Charles 

Parsons. Paul 

Piccininni, Daniel 

Polischuk, Peter 

Poloni, Paul 

Poole. Robert 

Popow, Matthew 

Primucci. Joseph 

Profenna, Anthony 

Puppi. Justin 

Quintana- James, Michael 

Rebello, Martin 

Regan, Trevor 

Reiterowski, Adam 

Reiterowski, John 

Reynolds, Mark 

Rokowski, Patrick 







Romeo, Michael 

Rorabeck, Ryan 

Ross. Kevin 


Rossetti, Daniel 


Royiwsky, John 


Rubacha. Matthew 




4, J 

W^ it m it 1*1 

Rubino, Christopher 
Ruffolo, Antonio 
Ruscigno, Daniel 
Russo, Michael 
Rzeszutek, Richard 
Sado, John Paul 

Schade, Craig 
Schirripa, Joseph 
Shaughnessy, Paul 
Simon. Joseph 
Simpson. Ta\ ler 
Skocj lak, Mark 

Skubic, Michael 
Smolsky, Steven 
Solecki, Andre 
Soumalias, Yiannis 
Sperduti, Michael 
Spraggs, Kevin 

Succi, Michael 
Sullivan, Ryan 

Sydor. Andrew 
Tarn. Michael 
Taj lor, John 
Templelon. Derek 

Tershakowec, Paul 
Tong, Raphael 
Truax, Christopher 
Tsang, Nicholas 
I'm el I. Richard 
Valela, Domenic 

Varino, Jose Philip 
Vennare, Michael 
\'\ sniauskas, Gedd) 
Wojcik, Daniel 
Woo, Jeffrej 
Wood, Jeffrej 

Zalucki, Tomasz 
Zamrij, Mark 
/cud. Martin 
ZitO, \driano 
Zucchet, Nolan 


Adamo\ sky, Michael 
Aitken, Nicholas 
Arambulo, Christian 
Arthur. Glen 
Asaro, Sam 
Aucoin, Justin 

Babiarz, Michael 
Badali, Bryan 
Barbieri, Adrian 
Best. Jeffrej 
Borraccia, Michael 
Boyce, Darryl 

Bravo. Michael 
Brent. Tim 
Burke. Greg 
Burrows. Christopher 
Capo. Marco 
Cappuccitti, John 

Caprara, Fred 
Carroll, Da\ id 
Carvalhal, Leonard 

Cesario, Mark 
Cheng, Jerome 
Chiu, Bernard 

Cholodny, Nicholas 
( !horabik, Petei 
Citrullo, Christopher 

Clementi, Paul 
Colloid. T\ lei 
I ( ollantes, Prinz 
( lordier, Man 
( lortellucci, Robert 
Czerw inski, Michael 


Dagenais, Mich; .1 

De Cola. M new 

Di Giulio. John Paul 

Di Gregorio, Da\ id 

Di Gregorio. Vince 

Di Nunzio. Tony 

Dileo, Christopher 

Dubniak, Paul 

Fazzari, Andrew 

Fernandes. Vina) 

Finan. Liam 

Forbes. Alexander 

Fotia. Joe) 

Frith. Bryan 

Frost. Peter 

Gadon. James 

Garisto. Joseph 

Gayle. Justin 

Geerts. R\ an 

Genco. Jonathan 

Giacomelli, Gianmarco 

Giannetta, Thomas 

Giosa. Andrew 

Goveas. Nathan 






€ . 


Greco. Marco 


Greiss. Da\ id 


Guglielmelli, Peter 

f* - ' 

Hagner, Andrew 

Henry, Ke\ in 

^ ^ 

etherington. Stephane 


Higgins. Conner 

Higgs. Benjamin 

Hill. Kyle 

Ho. James 

Holland. Toby 

Hui. Michael 

Hurley, Michael 

11 lanes. Carlos 

[p, Philberl 

Isaac. Andrew 

Jalsevac, John 

Jee. James 










▲ .ifcftl'sA 

Johnson. Patrick 
Kania, Paul 
Kanoza, Joseph 

Kim. Benjamin 
Klein. Ke\ in 
Know les, Dar\ I 

La Gamba, Daniel 
Lang. Andrew 
Lang- Weir, Andrew 
Latta, John 
Lee. Bryan 
Lehun, Jonathan 

Lettieri. Michael 
Leung. Jeffrey 
Lima. Michael 
Lippa. Matthew 
Longo, Robert 
Lovgren, Patrick 

Ma. Jerrj 

MacDonald, Andrew 
Mandarello. Michael 




Mannella. John 
Marchese, Paul 
Marcotte, l)a\ id 
Mariani. Paul 
McConvey, Paddy 
Mc( racken. Mike 

Mclsaac, Matthew 
McKeman, Justin 
McMaster. Conoi 

Midi. Derek 
\liski\. Andrew 
Molckov sk\. Maik 
Morns. Anthonj 
Mota. Cor) 
Mover, Paul 


Mulroney, Dona] 

Mumaghan, Brian 

Murphy, Michael 

Naranowicz, Jan 

Oke. Jeffrey 

Oliveira. Tony 

Opolski, Paul 

Ottavino, Anthony 

Paas, Aaron 

Patton, Geoff 

Paul. Elliot 

Pegoraro, Daniel 

Penafiel, Dean 

Picco, Steven 

Pignataro, Andrew 

Pike. Jason 

Pisani. Andrea 

Plateo, Michael 

Polyzois, George 
Pomponio, Nicolo 


* * 

Powell, Michael 
Prendergast, Ryan 

Punkris, Andrius 

Quinn, Patrick 

Quinto. B J 

Racco, Marc 

Rini. Joseph 

Rizzuti, Nicholas 

Royiwsky. Steven 

Rubino. Robert 

Russell, Tyler 

Sadowski, Eric 

Sannuto. Carmine 

Santi, David 

^d tiil til til 



lifc *<fc ya 4ch 


Sargent, Jared 
Sawa, Timothj 
Scarcello, Michael 
Sergautis, Paul 
Shaheen, Omar 
Sheehan, Jacob 

Shrouder-Henry, Jason 
Signoroni, Roberto 
Sileika, Dainius 

Small. Andrew 
Smith. Jerrod 
So, Quenton 

Soul;. William 
Soppelsa, Giancarlo 
Spencer. Matthew 

Spurr, K\ le 
Stephenson, Michael 
Sutton, Marc 

Tae/a. Ryan 
la\ lor, Joseph 
Teixeira, Michael 
Tettman, K\ le 
The. Amelio 
Toto, Daniele 

Turi, Philip 
Vecchiarelli, Jonathan 
Vinelli, Anthonj 
Visentin, Daniel 
\ uko\ ic, Mallhew 
Walsh. Michael 

Yeoman, Bobb) 
Zampini, Stephen 
Zawadzki, ( Ihristophei 
/ul\ s, Richard 


Michael A lati 

David Allegranza 
It's hard to believe that 5 years 
have gone by. I especially thank 
my parents for the opportunity 
to conic in such a great school. 
Thanks St. Mikes for preparing 
me loi the long road ahead and 
ih. inks to my friends lor making 
it fun. 1 leave you with an old 
Italian saying, "Tuito c bene cio 
che linisce bene" (All is well that 
ends well) Sieiliano FB 

Lucio Amato 

Wow, high school's already over 
and so man) things to remember. 
Cuba. Pete Yom, Happy G. 
soccer club every Friday, brain 
filter. Ton) Bastoni, heart attacks, 
calcietto tournament (third place, 
oh yeah!) and so many more. 
Thanks to all my friends, I'll 
never forgel you guys, and my 
famil) tor making these the best 
and most unforgettable years of 
im life. 

Brian Arcand 

Si Mike's has been a special unique 
experience. I wouldn't trade the 
friends I've made, the knowledge 
[' ve gained, and the spurts I've 
started lor anything in the world. I 
wouldn't be where I am today if it 
wasn't for the continual support of 
my parents, teachers, and coaches: 
Thank you. I would like to give a 
special thanks to Fi Muleahy foi 
introducing me to archer) and to Fr. 
Hums. Joan and dry lot helpin 
reach my lull potential, (iood lu< I. 
.hhI always remember: S\l( ' 

Terry Au-Yeung 

Keller to have tried and failed than to 
know you could have done belter bul 
did nothing at all. 

David Baldesarra 

II I did not enter this school as an 
MDI . I am leaving .is one This 
school has shown Die whal the real 
world is like, and I hope lhal I always 
remember that. I would like to thank 
the mosi important people in my life 
lor making high school possibh 
famil) and friends I would not have 
made il this l.u without you, I owe 
you everything 1 hank you 

Roberto Andreacchi 

I ive years and $40,000 later, I still 
can't believe Us over, (iratilinle must 
be expressed lot the Steadfast lose. 
guidance, and supprnt from Dad. 
Mom, Paul. Zia Rosina. and all of 
my family. Further, a special thanks 
to my friends w ho have made these 
days at SMC worth remembeni. 
best o| luck in all of your future 
endeavors. The memories include: 
( ii 1 ' I rench, brl I \ncienl < i\ Italy 
'01. Cancun '02. < >AC civvies day. 
BriscoIa&Scopa in the Cat Bocce in 
the courtyard, and so many mon 

Jonathan A rrarte 

Life is a race, a great competition. We 
have to fight lor everything. Celling 
good grades in high school, getting 
into university, tinding a job It's all 
a struggle loi you against another 
person or a hundred other people. In 
order to triumph you need pride, 
energy and intelligence. St. Mike's 
has instilled this in each student that 
lias walked the yellow brick halls. I'd 
like to thank ill) mother, my teacher. 

K and family. "In the book ol 
iwers aren't in the back" 

lie Blown 

mmmm mm 

Julian Barkin 

I have i-j'tt become a true St 
Michael's man. Primarily. 1 thank 
God fur His grace & infinite love. 
Secondly. I thank my parents, for I 
would not be where I am & who I am 
without them. M\ academic maturity; 
I attribute to the dedicated SMC staff, 

illy Ft Zinger. Mr. Vitullo, 
ressaro. V. Pagano & Oatt (four great 

: Sr Jazz). D. Allegtanza. 
V. DiGregorio. A. Meneguzzi & 
J. Hendricks. \our friendship is 
invaluable. To SMC 2002 grads, "Be 
the change you \\ ish to see in the 
u orld." Gandhi 

Francesco Battaglia 

It is hard to believe it has been 
5 years already. Thanks to 
God, my family and friends 
for your love and support. 
Good luck to the 2002 
graduating class. I will always 
remember this place \\ hen 
I see my dream car Firebird 
TransAm. P.S. Thanks for the 
free parking! 

Raymond Bice 

It is now o\er' Five years gone... 
Well I think it's all been worth it. 
I'd like to thank all the people who 
made these years go by a little faster. 
Id also like to thank my parents for 
pay ing and supporting me through it 
all. But most of all I'd like to thank 
all of my friends present and past 
at SMC. You guys have made it all 
worth it. CHEERS"! 

Justin Borges 

I'm finally a St. Michael's Man. a 
product of five J ears of the sacrifices 
and dedication of my family, friends 
and educators. Thank you to Mr 
Lewis. Mr Barry, and Mr Sheridan. 
I'd like to thank the men. women 
and fellow social delinquents of 
SMC for all of their education and 
entertainment. Caecilius est pater. 
When in doubt: glaciers. It's a perfect 
day for bananafish! SMC + Cuba = 
March 2(X>2. Yeah afterschool soccer 
club! Schutzt unsere umwelt! Clearly 
I still can't differentiate! 

Greg Bielawski 

Its hard to believe that its been ? 
\ ears already. The time seems to 
have flown by. This year, we leave 
St. Mikes to continue our education. 
However. I will ne\er forget the 
friends I have made, the things I 
have learned, and the experiences I 
have had. Thank y i>u to e\ ery one for 
making high school the best time of 
my life. 

Matthew Bridle 

Now that my years at St. Mikes 
are done I have alot of people to 
thank. My parents I owe so much 
for their understanding and support 
throughout these 5 years. My friends 
for helping not only with the 
work.but sometimes to get away 
from it( Thanks padre I Ne\ er thought 
I'd thank some of the teachers.but 
both Sheridan&Bisser have been 
there for guidance and help.Thanks 
for all the memories boys.especially 
Ireland 2001, those long rides with 
the GO crew & those last period 
spares that started at 8:30 

Craig Burton 

"Education is an admirable thing but 
it's not as well to remember from 
time to time that nothing that is 
worth knowing can be taught"-Wilde. 
Cheers to all 1 leave behind at SMC 
it has been jokes here for the last 5 
years Thanx to all those who helped 
me get by without you I'd still be 
da/ed and confused. Ireland Montreal 
Cancun (Stubby' i and SFI -4 have 
been great times "Goodbye cruel 
world I'm leaving you today. I'll see 
you on the dark side of the moon "- 

James Campbell 

fflSB a@@Q=@@@ 

Robert Capobianco 

Thanks Mom & Had for all the 
love A: support you have given 
me, especially at times when I've 
seemed undeserving ol it It is your 
sacrifice that has truly allowed me to 
make it this tat It's definitely been 
a great 5 years ami it's through the 
friendships I've made here that the 
spirit ol s\K will always he apart 
ol m\ life. Finally a special thanks 
to Mr. Smyth. who answered .ill 
the hard questions, even the hard 
ones.. .(whose answers confuse me 
more than the questions themselves) 

Matthew Cappellueci 

Hirst and loremost. I would like to 
thank my parents foi giving me the 
opportunity to attend Si. Mike's. 
Si condly. I would like to thank all 
my teachers especially Si. Frances. 
Mr. Thompson. Mr. Narducci, Mr. 
I ischei and Mi Vitullo. Lastly. I 
would like to thank all my friends 
w ho made m\ experience here .1 great 
one I leave with this quote: .My 
school days were the happiest Jays ol 
mv lite; which should give you some 
indication ol the misery I've endured 
ovet the pasi five years " Paul Mellon 

Paul C arbonelli 

It seems like only yesterday 1 was 
retrieving a forgotten hook only to 
he greeted by twenty 1 ) \<"s veiling 
MM R' But the memories will 
remain strong tirade 1(1 Italian with 
Di Leo. tiger rolls in the rain and 20: 
1 odds at the scopa table. Through it 
all I've learned a lot. Always hold the 
money in lessaros hockey pool. Mi 
Lee isn't Asian and WOW is the only 
word necessary in an English papei 
1 Flare is never to be used). Thanks 
go out to my parents, friends and 
teachers. Good luck and (iod Bless 

Michael Carlesimo 

It seems like yesterday I looked down 
these yellow halls u nervous young 
boy. Now. as I leave I walk down the 
hall knowing what it takes to be a St. 
Michael's man anil I leave with good 
ness, discipline and know ledge, ready 
for new challenges in life, flunks to 
my lov ing family for then support ovei 
the years, without them I could not 
have done it. Also to .,11 my |i lends, 
you know who you are. thanks lor the 
incredible times' \nd for one last 
time: "It's time to do... the BI KB \ 


Jonathan Castellino 

\\ hen I came: ' \s I stayed: \nd 
as I leave: ' Thank you SM( 

Stephen Cavanagh 

\ lid row Chan 

( iiven a max ol *5() chat s, I guess 
I should be brief: thi all cya I8r 

S\K S -leva lol j/k lie was/ In 
my family, peers, teachers, n 
sinceresl thanks you know who 
von are. my life would nol be 

what it is now, I his mail s end ol 

a grcal journey ami sunn anothei 
shall begin, hut SM< S has 

prepared us for tin- road ahead 

May the Spirit ol SM< S guide 
us all 

ommmm m^m 

Justin Chan 

I he only place success comes before 
woik is in the dictionary . live years 
at Si Mike's was more than enough 
to make me veiy sure ol tins These 
past live years here was time well 
Spent: all that I have learned and all 
ol my experiences have expedited the 
realization Ol my hie-long dreams 
Mv undv ing thanks go mil to all of 
those who have helped me gel here 
thus tar my family, ; 
piiests. and. ol course, ' iod w It 
kept me Hue to the faith, to those 
around me. and '0 m- 

Andy Chiodo 

-i firs) yc ii 14 year old could 
,i VOFSAA Hockey *iui Spez, Doyle, 

lotsy. Tank, and Spino/ made il all tlun il was 
Grade Hi II Notsogrcai. I warned 

i hadji'h 1 reg ihc Buzz 

'..Mi i hm playins aeai • > our own blosKl 
ircy?t. Il all turned arciund in 12, m> i 
RtHikic Season was the lime ol my lif 
I fell I vas .i i ai I things were 

ureal OAC was King on ihe cake, everylhii 

bad. .ill mulled in a feeling I will ne\er forget. Thanks Mom and Dad. I 
love sou holh. yOUT love and support is much ap- 
preciated Thanks teachers foi neinfl friends outside 
ihe classroom, you know who you are in fact you're 
paihahK ihe ones taking a second lo read m> quote 
And of course - Scrozy. Timmy. Fatzy, 

Dcni. Knowlzee (Coonerl . Poppy. Khnker. Biwsls 
and Mans ViHti. St.\c. Adam. Dino. Mall Maxi 
Dave and Antony. Thanks e\ en one Later!! 

Mark Chire 

Well, its hard to believe thai my time 
at St. Micheal's is over. First of all I'd 
like in thank my mother who paid my 
tuition and tor her inspiration. Thank 
you to Sister Frances lor giving me 
a passion for English, to Mr. John 
and Mr. Smyth for show ing me how 
interesting and involved mathematics 
can be. and special thanks to Mr. Bis- 
sonette. Mr. Fischer and Mr. McCann 
for getting me "out of the cave". I now 
believe that 1 am closer to becoming 
a St. Michaels Man. Double Blue 

Eric Chow 

MT. now known as YRT for live 
years(Jay, Jeff, James i. numerous near- 
death experiences in the carl everyone 
who's been in my car).AZN 
association! cany the torch boyz).St. 
Lucia X2,3rd period spare.workouts 
i Palumbo! l.OAC skip day.monastery 
retreat! knapsack! (Thanks to God. my 
family.Fl. Zinger.thank u for all the and love that you've 
shown me.To my friends, thank u for 
all the talks. laughs.aiid experiences. I 
honestly would not be here if not for 
ur patience, love.and friendship. 

Michael Chun 

These past 5 yrs in this 
yellow brick house have been hell 
but great. Thanks to all my friends 
for supporting me. especially 
the AZNs. GrlO English with 
Mr.Nicholson. Grl 1 Bio and 
Chem with Mr.Shannon. OAC 
Chem with Chow and Ribs. period 
2 spare with the breakfast club. 
AZN Association! guys, keep up 
the tradition boys). Congrats to 
my graduating class, we're off to 
university and life. 

Nicholas Cifelli 

Luck emails preparation meeting 
opportunity. Such has been the 
journey through SMC. with the well- 
prepared being given opportunities 
in succeed. In academics and extra- 
curriculars, I will remember the 
energy exchanged between myself 
and this school. 1 thank my parents 
for supporting me through success 
and failure. I thank Mr Narducci for 
ev erv thing. Fr. Zinger for instilling 
the faith, and all the teachers who 
have helped me through the years. St. 
Michael, bless and keep us forever. 

Gianni Cimini 

I would like to thank my parents and 
two brothers for their continual sup- 
port throughout the years.To all the 
staff from Tharma to Zor/i. thank u.I 
thank Giz for all the rides home and 
Tarantino for all the laughs. My most 
memorable class are Barrys grade 1 1 
History.Tessaros Chem and Zingers 
seminars. Also. I could never forget the 
senior Azzuri 0] 'run to the OFSAA 
championships. Best of luck to all the 

Jon Clark 

Well Fellas we made it. Give me 
another and just giver.The experience 
has been great. Euro99.Cancun,and 
all Ihe balconey road trips. Thanks 
for the zoom zoom and for the Padre 
lor keeping his eye on the prize. I 
don't want to forget anyone but the 
for the Lessard boys MF and TP it's 
been a blast.Thanks to Kimster and 
Bigtymer for hitting the bank.C.C 
you've been a leader buddy, and 
Jess thanks for being there I love 
you all. Thanks for the open gym. the 
friendships and Ihe experience. JUST 

Ian Clydesdale 

As I cone to the end of my time 
at St. Mikes I must fust thank my 
parents, both for their support, 
and for putting up w ilh Ihe tuition 
which has grown taster then 1 ever 
remember in my live years here. I'll 
never forget the friends I' ve made 
here \l\l.CB,PT.TP.AO.MB,AB. 
and all other members of the "great) 
8" crew. I'll see you all in the future, 
and never forget. Dublin 01 and 
Cancun 02. 

Gianf'ranco Costa 

"I'm out bahv I'm out" (George 
Costanza) M) years ai SMC have 
come to an end. I would like i>> thank 
m\ parents and teachers foi helping 
me along the way. To all the guys 
thanks iiH all oi the memorable 
moments and good luck Keep those 
()() I I AI s GO chants going and 
thn.w in., I I rs GO RAPTORS 
ever) now and then. Next stop YORK 

Matthew Coulter 

First 1 must thank mj 
parents lor making all of this 
possible.Thanks to all mj b 
Turco(2niauymomiiigs< )nSt.( i 
,1 urlong (SUTB).Daveipterra) 
i.Scratchi(2much2say)et all the 
Playa crew.who shared all those 
good tunes. Thank you also to my 
ters and the school.which has 
given me an honourable example 
'. I ate/! 

David Cramer 

s\1< ' has been the largest part ol 
m) life tin the last 5 sears, and 
will continue to encourage me in 
everything that I do Foi the rest ol tnj 
life. M> friends, family, and teachers 
have helped me to gel through the 
fun and the hard times I hope thai 
the best pans will be a base foi bettei 
times next yeai and the following 

Chris Del Rosario 

Andrew D'Cruz 

"And v. hether or not it is cleaj 
to you. no doubt the universe is 
unfolding as it should, [for] with 
all its sham, drudgery and broken 
dreams, it is still a beautiful 
world." -Max Ehrmann. Thanks 
to the cast of characters w ho 
aeted alongside me in this bizarre 
play. It has been... interesting. A 
special thanks to Mrs. Morra for 
the four amazing years of Latin 
and Greets. Now. I am off to 
become a rock star. ( 'iao! 

Stephen Dennis 

I will never forget the 3yrs at SMC. 
Cheers to all the Buzzers thai I have 
played with AJG,PBJBJ,DF,MZ,AC 

and thanks to in> coaches I hanks to 
m\ parents enough for the support 
t hex have given me. To ('In is and all 
the bo\s thai showed me the ropes 
Neva gonna forget JG, I)B and m> 
best friend Jac. Im off to Miami to 
see what the I IS \ has to oiler 

Matthew Di Donato 

Matthew Di Giovanni 

I hanks to everyone who made m> 
tiist and onl) year at SMC fantastic, 
The friends and memories I've made 
will be wnh me forever and in the 

end. this yeai will be considered one 
of (he best in m\ life, lake il 


Jonas Didzbalis 

M\ journey here at St.Michael's is 
now complete and I am thankful 
to all who have helped me along _ 
the way. A special thank you to my 
parents who have supported me in 
.ill of mj endeavours. Thank \ou to 
the staff, especially \lr. Zownir, Mr. 
Paolini and Mr. Tessaro who over 
the years have taught me much more 
than just the game of basketball. 
To the 2002OFSAA Blue Raiders. 
it was a great ride, thanks for the 
memories. Congratulations to the 
entire 2002 OAC class, and good 
luck \ctu. 

Kevin Dunn 

Wow. 5 years ol reading and writing 
actual!) paid off! Thanks for all the 
memories:20fK) volleyball champs' 
silver \2.badminton.calc/chem 
struggles.UFL,10km runt 1:06:03 and 
still sprinting till the end (.breaking 
the glass in grade 10 gym and cat" 
chants. Don't worry, this isn't the 
end. I'm sure we'll all meet up 
again when we're back teaching at 
SMC.Just' you reall) 
want something in life you have to 
work hard for it. BRB they're about 
to announce the lottery numbers 

Steven Dyl 

Thomas Eminowicz 

"This is the end, beautiful friend. 
This is the end, my only friend. The 
end o\ our elaborate plans. The end 
of everything that stands, the end. 
No safety or surprise, the end." 
- The Doors I never thought five 
years could go by so fast, so man\ 
memories, so few regrets. Thank You 

Michael Ella 

"If you do not practice, you do not 
not deserve to dream." I would like 
to thank m\ parents for giving me 
support through out my years at 
St. Mike's. To all m\ friends who 
have made my lime at St. Mike's 
memorable and the graduating class 
of 2002 — Good luck in your future 
endeavors. ..Bov 's its Time ..Grab it 
and run! 

Drew Fata 

Ryan Mark Fernandes 

"1 lie fireworks begin today. 
Each diploma is a lighted match, 
each one of you is a fuse."- Ed 
Koch Sometimes diings don't 
seem important until you 
look back on them.To the the 
teachers, family and friends 
who will never know how much 
thev helped me along the vvay.l 
leave SMC knowing ive fed my 
brain more than I fed my belly 
Thank You All' Let us celebrate 
our new arrangement w ith the 
adding of chocolate to milk. 
- Homer Simpson 

Liam Finan 

Well Bov? I'm finally dune ... 4 short years in the 
Yellow Bricks has come to an end. and 1 wouldn't 
hav e wanted to sjvnd it any w here else. Thanks 
to my family for their support, love & money. To 
ihe bov s who made these 4 v ears the best of my 
life: Fazzi-you know you're fatter ... I love va bud. 
Corleflucci-we had some pn\\ tilts. Capo-than\ 
bud. DS-SP-JL good luck. ML-TD-Big 7-PM-JS- 
Waishy-AT-SL-APForbes ec ihe rest of you. we've 
had some great limes ... the Brunnv. crazy lunches. 
great nighis ,V spares. Special thans to my good 
teachers Lee. Bissonnelte. Bro\. Coggers, Ross. 

52. Alan same time, same place 
Thanx for the memories and the laughs boys. I'll 
be there - Cooner 2003. Double Blue through ,v 
through ... Finan has left the building. Grade 1 1 Re- 
ligion with all the boy/. Grade °. Jr. Double Blues. 
OAC Law in the BIG desk-. Smashing the w indott 
with Pieco. Powell the Block's HOT. NASCAR 
Betting with Sanli i: Big Z 


Joseph Fiorellino 

Trumbull Fisher 

fellas where to start ' mc.\3, <n e\2. 
lots of hard work but ii was all worth 
it. 2 many wicked parties 
girls, where* the weight room haha? 
these 5 years have been the best of 
my life, thanks to everyone who 
has supported me and believed m 
me. mom ami dad thanks foi .ill the 
support, hen u always said i could 
do it. cm ih. mks. Fr. Fulton= best 
mentor. I yr is not the same without 
you. thanks Wheres the cold ones 
cause Trumski is outtP here like a tat 
kid on a Smartie 

Michael Fiume 

Martin Fox 

I would like to thank God and 
most importantly my parents for 
the last h\e years-1 owe- 
all my successes to them.To the 
Dynast>.( )I s \AGOLDx>uc sel 
records. Morocco, Mansfield. Mon 
ctonJrNats.COONER.We gave'er 
like it was our jobs. To all the 
an,cm,dr,ds,sm,grl2goons.And of 
course my girl Vanessa 

Derek Furlong 

To all those that doubted, thanks 
lot the motivation, to all those 
that believed, thanks lor the 
inspiration, to my parents who 
stuck by me through the good 
and the bad. thank you I 
everything and to the boys thai 
bleed blue, thanks lot .1 hie time 
of memories. Mv Memories; 
gdlO tech. \li Barry, europe 
99*01 '. cancun.the p lot.may24/ 
02. mb's. skittles. pauloiic. hiv, mc 
jojo.ccsat ii 1 and the rest 


Michael Fox-Higgins 

I came here 1 was lost, when I was 
here I wandered, ami now that I*ve 
left 1 have found the path 1'he 5 
years that I've been apart of this 
community has been instrumental in 
m\ development not as a student 01 
an athlete but more important as a 
human being. Firstly I would like to 
thank my parents for supporting me 
through 1I1 1. the stafl Fi n 

helping/putting up with me. and to 
everyone who has helped me become 
the person I am today. I hanks EC 
for the lovi 

Stefano Gatta 

.11 s .a SMI final! 
and I'd like to thank all the teachers 
who l.aiL'hl and guided mc over the 
years lo my friends foi making the 
journe) ai SM< an easiei oni 
laughs and memories will he with 
me forever I ham K \ < >l S 

in Hamiltoi mily.l 

couldn't do anydiing without youi 
ln\e and suppoii You believed in me 

when m ould \nd to the 

ne nitf ni> life 

Willi' ns would in. liter 

"Hap ommodity" 

s Miehi 

Paul Friday 

St. Mike's has led me through 
these past five years - teaching 
me gooilness. discipline and 
knowledge. Special thanks 10 my 
family for sacrificing their lime 
and money to keep me on the right 
track, and also thanks to in\ friends 
foi always being there for me. I 
will always remember mv time at 
St. Michael's w ilh great delight. 
\s lor the future "the best way lo 
predict the future is to invent it ." 
- Alan Kav 

Christopher Gesualdi 

Andrew Gidaro 

As I look back on the best 5 yi's of 
my life I can trace my development 
from a hoy into a man within the 
walls SMC 5 Kerry Bine football 
championships 4 SF 2 OFSAA sw mi 
meets ami I incredible Cancnn grad 
nip. 4 all the amazing memories I 
must 1st & 4most thank my parents 
lor putting me through SMC & giv- 
ing me every chance 2 \cel in life 
1 must thank my Kerry Blues Boys 
Thanx 2 all coaches teachers friends 
& of course Raquel. Marco keep the 
tradition alive. SMC 4 EVER 

John Paul Giliherto 

Stick and stones may break my bones 
but walking to the team bus can break 
my ankle. The memories and good 
limes will forever be with me. Be 
meek and humble in hie. but for now 
be proud: we're St. Michael's men 

Mark Giordani 

Tom Gziut 

1 have many places to go and many 
things left to do in my life, but I 
will forever remember m\ days at 
St. Mike's. I am forever indebted to 
my mother and sister for making it 
possible lor me to come here. I would 
also like to thank all my friends at St. 
Mike's, whether student or teacher, 
for making the last five years so 

Brad Harrison 

Afetr 7 theatrical productions and 9 
sets of concerts, St. Mike's has put 
me well on my way to becoming a 
man of he arts. Music is certainly not 
what I thought I'd be pushing after 
St. mike's but I'd like to thank Mr. 
P, Mr. O. Mr. C for setting me in the 
right direction. Thanks to my friends 
for putting up with me and my 
parents for footing the bill. Double 
C's might come after double blue, 
but they're not far off. Thanks to 
BM, MM. AD, MK. RJ. CD, and RB 
for making it all worthwhile. 

Andrew Haugh 

I would like to thank my family 
for their love and support. I would 
like to thank all of my friends 
especially CM who gave me the 
support and drive to keep going.To 
all the boys at SMC, thanks for the 
memories. There is only one thing lefl 
to say.'SHUTTER DOWN BOYS'' . 
it was good while it lasted 

Jonathan Hendricks 

"We are what we repeatedly do. 
Excellence, then, is not an act. but a 
habit." I want 2 thank God for gi\ mg 
me the opportunity to attend this 
great school. Thanks 2 my parents 
for their constant love and support. 
Thanks 2 all my teachers. Good luck 
2 all. espc my close bros. 2 NH. 
thanx fa making me believe. The 
Indian sensation has left the bldg. 

tnas a®@Qa@®<§ 

Anton Hyginus 
Between studying feverishlj 
for exams and staying up all 
night to complete assignments 
and slaving away at my ISUs... 
wait. I think the wrong quote 
appears next to m\ picture. Ah, 
well. Thanks to all the amicable 
characters that have made this 
experience worthwhile, as well 
.is my parents, sibs. and. uh... 
anyone else that needs thanking. 

An thorn Iaboni 

Shut or down boys, we're done! It's 
been 5 long years at S\IC and I know 
I've come out a better man. but how 
I've nevei been sent to shave once is 
nd in ' M\ greatest thanks goes 
10 my loving family to whom I'm 
i in I > indebted, \nother special shout 
out goes to all the boys, you know 
who you arc: thanks for the great 
memories, especially Cancun '02. 
I his school w Ml alvvav s be a part ol 
me. Good luck to all' 'Time, don't let 
it slip awa>. raise your drinking class. 
here s lo yesierday " Aerosmilh 

Kav Iaboni 

Joseph Ieraci 

First of all I would like to thank my 
parents tor their utlinite patience 
and financial support, St Mikes was 
truly worth it! Secondly I would like 
to thank the institution and all the 
teachers that made St Mikes worth 
while. Memories of this school will 
never fade out of my memory We 
all entered as strangers hut leave as 
brothers; I.ooch. John. Coulter. Mi>. 
Rob. I'rsa. Turco, Sleph, Dave Hut 
alas its over. "I have a Journey sir. 
shortly to go:/ My master calls me. I 
must not sav no."-Kinc Lear 

Rohn Jackson 

We have come to the end ol a journey 
where the tremendous was the n 
And now. I believe I can Finally say 
with confidence that I am part of that 
elite. Many thanks to all. students 
and teachers, friends and family, and 
the Lord above, who have helped to 
make me what I am todav 

Michael John 

The past live years at St. Mike's 
have profoundly shaped the man I 
am today, and lor this I am forev- 
er greatful. I would like to thank 
God lot all that He has done lor 
me. for my parents and family 
for their love and support, ami 
my friends lot heing there when 
I needed them As we leave this 
place going in our separate direc- 
tions, may we always remember 
our lime at SMC, Best ol luck to 
the class of 2002! 

immm® mm 

Mark Johnson 

I li.nil s iii Mom, and those 
teachers; Si I ram e» \li lohn, 
\h Walsh, Ibi | n" up w ith me 

(no easy task I and ii|ipoitni me. 

Nevei loryct t )/. Any number, 
the old crew, < lodspell, gas leaks. 

ive time, Ucih < iuiterball, 
\pnl 19, yellow notes, and mv 
Iriends Kicin. Brad, Murph 
limes (the lunch hunch), Dominic, 

MichaelJohn, XI. I r I ulton, 
\li i Mi. i', inn \l nil all 

the usi "From there to h. i 

I ruin here I" there. I tinny thi 
are everywhere! I >i Seuss 

Ryan Jones 

Still round the comer there mav 
wait. A new toad or a secret cat 
R R. l'olkicn My thanks to all 
teachers ami my friends, who ha 
made mv years here memorable, and 
lo my family ami < iod, foi supp 
me along the way May all who 
this be cursed to live i 

I I 



Dave Ksiazkiewicz 

Well the end has come and gone 
and to say the least the memories 
arc plentiful. Pd. 3 spare, power out 
day.golden griddle day (sorry). senior 
scrub day. Thank to all those who have 
stayed my friends and to those who 
have become my friends. Most impor- 
tantly thanks to my parents for making 
the correct decision and for dealing 
very well with my resistance to their 
logic. For those left behind remember 
thai the world inside St Mikes is a lot 
better than the world outside. Don't 
take it for granted. 

Paolo Korre 

Many thanks all the students who 
went before us and led the way. To 
all those coming after us. I hope that 
we have done the same. 1 would espe- 
cially like to thank Mrs. Pignetti and 
Mrs. Di Rosa w ho have taught me to 
follow my dreams regardless of what 
others think and say. Remember fear 
makes you take a step back where 
you should have gone forward. 

Edward Kuo 










talking. Forumses2.Manysleepless 


etal. BLnxtyrCFO.ustillwontdoit.PR 


Michael Krem 

SMC is an exp III nvr 4get Nards 
class was greatlearnd so much 
about lifc.Thnks 2all my trends 
who were there 4me I couldnt hav 
madeit w/o them Its been great. 


Jonathan Kwok 

Finally one of the most impor- 
tant chapters of my life ends 
and another one begins. Gone 
are the days where I have to 
wake up at 7 am. write two sets 
of exams every year and wear a 
uniform everyday.Replaced by 
two harder exams and extreme 
pressure to do well. Thanks go out 
to my teachers, my parents and 
my friends for a memorable and 
interesting 5 years 

Ryan Kwong 

Richard Lee 

As I graduate from St. Mike's. I 
would like to leave with younger 
students a guide to surviving OAC: 
sleep is of utmost importance, so take 
a quick nap in homeroom and spare: 
seeing Father hallucinate in seminar 
religion w ill brighten up your day, 
and you must be able to pull 'all- 
nighters'. Thanks to my parents and 
all my teachers for their guidance 
and support. Finally thanks to all 
mv friends for making these 5 years 

Jonathan Lehun 

Well it's all over boys. No more 
scheming before class or trying to 
find out what's on the test before you 
take it. It was fun and I'll never forget 
the memones.Thanks to my family 
for all the support and to Vanessa for 
also being there for me. Also to the 
boys(you know who you arelfor mak- 
ing everyday a complete gong-show 
and to the coaches of the Buzzer's 
for all the ice-tinie,powerplay,penaltv 
kill.etc. Anyway the Easystreet Ex- 
press is calling so i have to go. 'Cheers' 


Simon Leon 

Firstly, thanks to God, m\ 
family and my Friends lor 
making these past live years 
great. I'll always remember 
Debating, thanks to Mr. Vella 
and Fr. Burns, Italy. 1 1 1 L . St. 
I ucia, watching hockey/football 
games, Mr. Barn \ sense ol 
humour. Fr. Zinger*s class, that 
I '(Narducci I = JFK and the rest 
of my teachers v, ho made class 
at SMC unforgettable. 

Michael Lista 

No (.mote entered' 

Stephen Luciani 

Thanks St.Mikcs' Thanks in im 

Anna who was mj second 
mother.Rest in peace, ("hankyou to 
Nonna Alfredo .mil ( 'an/.ano and 

.1 ( iiuliana. I hanks in Alfredo, 
"bo," I line you. ["hankyou to my 
girlfriend Ashley rhankyou foi all the 
support in m\ life. flunks Mom and 
Dai 1. 1 Ipve you. Zonardo.Zingo.Lee, 
Fir/.Bcrgin.RobJon.l ezz.Scrach, 
Mo Stef.Turcs.Ces.Colt.l ioli.Cola. 
VndreachEhl ).wc'. I in long.Petras.Pr 
sa. Costa, (hims "I ilc is like a box of 
chocolates,!! never know what youre 
going toget' 1 1 .TL-st- 

Moses Maria 

(iracas a Deus.' this little chop has 
ImalK reached the endol the yellow 
brick halls. Thanx in all who have 
helped me with ever) step^To"Mai I' 
ai.Paulo.obrigado poi tudo I uge.mj 
support. my sister forevei Iwop 
a chop, im always keeping my spun-. 

lo the bridge' crew.foi mal 
Cancun memorable;Nards ihanks for 
the great friend; I ve gn wn from a 
disgruntled niner to a proud keny blue 
who bleeds double blue"l >on't v .mi ti 

lUSl ionic lo 

an end! \deus' 

Michael MacDonald 

Without the Grace ol ( iod, two Ioa 
ing and devoted parents, man) loyal 
friends, anil a great ileal of outstand- 
. achers; nunc ol mj memories 
at St. Michael's College that I will 
forever cherish would have conic to 

Jonathan Mar 

"In the end, each of us will he judged b\ 
oui standard ol life, not h> our standard 
.'i living; b) our measure of giving, not 
In mil measure ol wealth; b) our simple 

Iness, not b) "in seeming greatness." 

Five years from now, main ol the 
invaluable memories we have shared .mud 
these yellow bricks «ill go unnoticeabl) 
Miii However, treasure the qualities 
synonymous with the SMC spun thai have 
been instilled in us goodness, discipline, 
and know ledge i"i the) « ill em ieh our 
characters anil guide us for the rest ol oui 
lues Thank you to my family. Friends, 
and teachers Good luck to all the gradsi 

Jeremy Lui 

\ word of ad\ ice lo the rookies ol 
SMC: "empty your mind, be lorm- 
less. shapeless, like water." Bruce 
I ce. In other words, jusl be flexible. 
With my 5 \cai sentence finally up. I 
would like to thank my teachers and 
tnends for then advice and help 
of course, a special thanks, goes to 
in\ parents lor their endless sup 
Memorable times include. Mr 1/ ami 
Mi MR showing me around in Eu- 
rope. I. Mai singing "Taste and Sec". 
Father Zinger's watergun, and my 1st 
show in Rot k Night. 

Simon Mariani 

\1\ tune here has been a blast. 
From t ancun n> Canada Gold in 
I cat playofl chants and Double 
Blue Iniekev the memories will 
nut he forgotten, lo all the guys 
and teachers who have made me 
proud to be a Si Mike's ( frad 
thanks and lo Mom. Dad Paul 
and Richie loi all yot -up- 
port Remembei Leaf I tn> 
jersey's not suits s • you at the 

top K 

Aaron Marques 

Good limes, eh? A nv lion thanks 
lo my parents and my brother. 
•> hi ' ha\c shown me so much 
love. Thanks so much to m\ bud- 
dies who helped me through this. 
I clearly wouldn't ha\ e done it 
w ithout you and 1 appreciate. Good 
luck to all of you. C 

William Massi 

Gianmarco Mastrantoni 

Five years went by fast, but the 
memories I have from St. Mike's 
will last forever. I'd like to thank my 
parents, for helping me through the 
tough times, all my friends, you now 
who you are. and all the teachers who 
made my stay enjoyable. Memories 
of m\ OAC \ear will forever be 
cherished, especially Cancun '02. In 
my vears at St. Mike's 1 have gained 
a wealth of experience and as Huxley 
saj s. "Experience is not what hap- 
pens to you. It is what you do with 
what happens to you." SMC Fore\er. 

Mark Mateja 

Some words to live bv... In the end. 
the lo\ e you take, is equal to the love 
you make. Dont lei the Le\ee Break. 

Jonathan Mazzuca 





Comments. Italy.Cuner &TheCottage 





dFriend.ToTheRest.YouKnow \\ "hoi" A 

re.GoodLuck.ItWasFun.SMC IniGrate 






Jeffrey McCabe 

Although I've only spent two 
short years at St. Mike's I'm 
really going to miss it. Special 
thanks to teachers and coaches 
PB. FB. FB. EJ. DS and of course 
M+D. I'll Always remember 
Ofsaa: sanction to gold. CIs, 
TDs. tnfnorth. Moncton. Leaside. 
B-house. Denmark. Mansfield. 
12Goons. Churchill + Hayward 
Field. All the best to other grads! 
Remember "Do or do not. There 
is no try." -Yoda 

Matthew Mclsaac 

Looking back, summing up St. Mike's 
in a few sentences derinitelv doesn't 
do it justice. Thanks to God and 
my parents for the opportunity. The 
Buzzers organization for even thing 
they've done, both on and off the 
ice. Michael, it was great to finally 
play with the big bro. My teachers, 
especial) the philosophy and history 
departments. I'm much obliged. To 
all the boys especially the best ones. 
"There's nothing in life to be more 
prized than true friendship." (Aqui- 
nas) Cheers. SS. 

Justin McKernan 

I would like to thank God. my 
family, my teachers. Mr. De Piero. 
Mr. Nicholson, and Mr. Sheridan. 
Tomj brosJN. NC. RZ. K.H. QS. 
MH. JB. PC and all the others I got 
your back even though I might be 
5 foot tall. Special thanks go out to 
my brother Pat for alw a\ s look- 
ing out for me, (Sean Penn)'"What 
difference you think you can make 
one man in all this madness 1 " The 
answer being all the difference and 
don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 
( Ken sei Soze fPoof. and like that he 

Joseph McLean 

"The unexamined life is not worth liv- 
ing" Socrates 

Si Mike's has prepared me foi almost 
ever> challenge that life may throw at 
me. It has also been tilled with memories 
that I will ue\er forget Will RE IS Mi 
OREO MAN ( omrades, wejhave had 
an interesting adventure, perhaps one 
worth\ "i being immortalized in song 
hv a traveling bard. Well maybe not, but 
good luck everyone, happy hunting and 
thanks St Michael for making no time 
at SMC so great. Majoi Mel ean wishes 
all the brave adventurers heading out 
on the load ol life a sale journev Ma> 
fortune's favour shine on you! 

Andrew Meneguzzi 

Amidst all the great Iricndships.thc 
talks.and what seemed to be the 
highest .md lowest points ol my 
high school years.l feel thai I have 
matured greatly. The school as well 
as these individuals have pointed 
me in a good direction foi the life 1 
have to lead ahead ol me. so to the 
grads I say good luck in your future 
endeavours. and Thank You to all. 

Janus/. Michalik 

lugh SM< is one step m a long 
journey, it shaped the rest of mv life. 
This all could not have happened 
without the support of m> parents. 
friends .V the stall SMC was a 
myriad of experiences it lull of great 
memories. I'll miss Nard's conspira- 
cy theories & the Double Blue spun 
The yellow bricks have burned then 
mark in me. which will forever be- 
fell. I'm going lo continue to travel 
wherever the wind blows until I see 
ni) final sunset I mil then. I look 
forward to seeing many more uses 

Colin Molloj 

5 years ol rnj life I have experienced 
many memorable moments dial 
will last a lifetime. 1st I would like 
to thank my family for their sup- 
port and Iheu decision to send me 

s\l< I wivli a farewell to: all the 
teachers, the fellas-i Siobhan...u all 
know who u i I he memoric 
|i doubs. III. I I Si V< I \( lacrtl 

1 i M.spares, 
B house. SI 1 I II COONL-K :hulls 
rcynaldo.l > \( 'shutdownday Its been 
I'm shuttcn'cr fellas, raise your 
sand vellehee: h/e DEUC1 

Thomas McMorrow 

Stan trying .aid il you 
in the words oi W. v fturchil 
GIVE UP. "Oh. but make sui 
u^ ing for the right thing. From what I 
understand, reading a couple quol 
will not change you automatically into 
w hat Iks in your heart of hearts .aid 
nil now has been drowned in spiritual 
cholesterol. It's a life's work. But maybe 
reading from, say. the Oxford Bixik ol 
itions would do the trick? Mind 

Anthony Merlocco 

I thank God and my parents. 5 
years. thousands ol yellow bricks,? 
shades of blue, and a chance to shape 
one's self into a \ irtuous man. 1 hese 
are the memories ol a Si Michaels 
Man:l truly hope each ol us has 
be* ome ukes much to shape 
a man from a boy:know ledge comes 
w iih experience, discipline with 
respect. and goodnes- with lo\e < 
luek to you. Whichever path you rind 
yourself on my prayers are with \ou - 
Stephen King"lt comes to a simple 
choice really. get busy liv ing or get 
busy dying " 

Kristofer Mikolich 

Adrian Monic 

Well live I I and 

finally done si Miki 
given me the best hv my 

tnd 1 even learned a thing oi two 
along the way. Best i^\ luek to all out 

■ in university and in 

has left the building 

Blaise Morin 

Despiieall tlic changes thai laj ahead 
1 will always have a special place in 
my heart for mv years at St. Mike's. 
First off I would like to thank my 
friends&teamrnates for all the laughs, 
the teachers for all their support espe- 
cially my grl2&OACmathteacher(s),l for teaching me what 
it means to be a true athlete. Finally 
I'd like to thank the men who cre- 
ated all the famous St. Mike's cheers 
because otherwise what else would 
we do in airports. busesinCunner.B- 
House.etc.OhWhenSt Mike's! 

Ian Neubauer 

Here is a brief list to live by to make 
life at St. Mike's much easier: 1 Rip 
the top button off your shirt. 2 When 
taking up homework say you had 
trouble with #7b.3 "GO Train Delay 
Sir"4."I'll bring you a note tomor- 
row" 5. The visitor's washroom 
isn't only tor visitors. 6 If you want 
something done, just yell "You won't 
do it"Thanks for the memories. 

Michael Myslicki 

My 5 years at St. Mike's have 
been some of the best years of my 
life. l"ly I would like to thank ni\ 
parents for their support and always 
being there when I needed them 
the most. 2"°ly all the staff but, 
especially Mr. Lewis. Mr. Sheridan. 
Father Lehman, and Mr. Brisbois, 
for always being concerned + 
understanding. Finally I would like- 
to thank my friends Barbs. Kegger. 
Tarzan. Spag/. Clydes. Tim. Stubby. 
Brit. Fent and Padre for making my 
daj s at school more enjoyable + 
exciting. "Carpe Diem." 

Peter Nowicki 

Derek OTarrell 

I verv Maul >iesButNotl very Man 1 1 
ButaneLighter.UkraineUnited, Choir. 
ock.Pd I Calc.IHL.ltsBeenAGreatRide 
"Hey you! Yeah I'm talking to you" 

Ryan O'Flanagan 

I would first like to thank Al. Irene 
& all those I've met in the back right 
corner for supporting me Saturday 
nites for the past 4 years. Mom& 
Dad. Linds&J I cant thank u enuff for 
always supporting me. To the teach- 
ers, thank u for ur tireless efforts esp 
Nards. Fishdog & Sheridan. To the 
fellas (u know who u are) & J. A. we 
had some sick times: Cooner, OFSAA 
Goldx4. Morocco. Montreal, Junior 
Double Blues. SrA//uni. 

Lliam O'Neill 

SMC is the largest & best ex- 
perience of my life. The fac- 
ulty has the most memorable & 
influential role models I have 
encountered. Thanks to Mr.'sTrent 
thanks go to have 
been the largest influence in 
my life & I owe the way. I take 
on problems & blessings to 
you.Thank you.sir.AM.APJR.RB. 
AH.MDiD.Cooch, thanks. 

Nicholas Onody 

This I admit. hard to believe an end 
to it. Its been so long but it seems like 
it was yesterday I 1st arrived. Aint 
it funny how time slips away and 
how everyday has its way of being 
forgotten. Strange how we move our 
lives for another day. like skippin a 
beat. It turns out not where but who u 
r w/ that really matters. One day we 
will all meet again. resting high above 
the clouds w/ no restrictions. Thanx 
mom&dad for support. Brier thanx 
and I luv u."Celebrate,cause life is 
short but sweet for certain"DMB 




Adum Ouimet 

Id like to start hx thanking m\ 
Mom&Dad 4 their on going sup- 
port. + ni\ wife Erin 4 always being 
there.lLOVI I 1,1 like to thank 
Fishdog 4 turning me into Teen- 
wolf, Mr. Sheridan whose had a 
strong influence on ms life. N 2 m\ 
boys: Ma 1 lan.Moosey.l oxy.Sheed- 
dogjjay,Bobs,22,Padres,Wops, and 
the whole cunner trip. I'll neva 
4gel Cirad Trip.Babyblue champs, B- 
house.Football gms(railing),0 \C 
Dressdown Day.the Dogpound& all it 
SMC chains, lis ova I I I I Vs! I'm 
out like a blind kid in a spelling B" 

Julian Owen 

The last five years ha\ been the 
most trying period of our lives to 
dale and all of lis have changed... 
for heller or for worse, and a little 
l^tt of both. To my parents for 
providing me the opportunity to 
go to St. Mikes, for the teachers 
thai have inspired me, my friends 
and Jessica for always being there 
for me "Live, laugh, hue. Sleep 

Tim Pal 

I had a hlasi but cant say im sad to go 
Thanx to my folks for picking up the 
tab i line you To my bros Andrew & 
Das id good luck & keep your heads 
up Goodluck to Ml- IT JC AS to name 
at'ew, the rest know who they are 
ihan\ for keeping me oul of trouble 
and getting me into some as well At 
this school you have to play b) the 
mles. ..or at least around them. Cant 

irgel Bublin in Dublin Tucan SI- 
I uro99 b-house may24s padrefun 
nel im proud to say i shuter in march 


Salvador Pareja 

"Algiin dia en cualquier pane, en eu- 
alquier lugar indefectiblemente te en- 
contraras a ti mismo, > 6sa, s61o cs.i. 
puede ser la mas feli/ o la mas amarga 
de lus horas"- t Nei uda I Thanks to 
SM< ior making these past live years 
i hallenging and memorable Sincere 
gratitude lo Mr Grassi - his classy 
European style and professionalism 
made learning French an unforgettable 
experience, for the younger men of 
sMC: demand a Spanish king course! 
Kudos to those who discover the 
meaning ol Neruda's words 

\ndre\v Palumho 

" ThanOTheFollow ingWhoMadeMs Staj i 
• ' i •lessGod.MyFamily.Mr32' 

■ McCannDiPinto&Zanardo.2CanCunCre\s 
I teuceWagzSpagzSheedy l; 
SquareBigshowPov lean&l Ian. PI. 
I )l JI&GMLuchl )$Ch( >w Dunnl lenns Fox 
RayTheCuz inTNC.Hilli 

ggsFa//ariFinanRacco&Smitty( hail Now 
pi Moose iSpareltalClassCrew Beii 
Renaldo.WH WAI" 

David Paterra 

It's finally over and now I don'l want 
to leas e. I just w anl to sas ihanks to 
all the people that have made this a 
memorable moment: Stef, Joe, Fur- 
long, Coulter. Turco, I a/arri, 

( ' and B, i Pileggi ma\ be l and lo the 
resi ot the how. I hanks to my dad. 
and all the teachers ilut have put up 
with me. The times I will nevei i 
Caneun. $2100, the parking lot, new 
ind everything else. 

It been fun. I atei 

Kent Pawziuk 

thank sou to ni> parents for ihe 
cash money because i know n ,i 
sacrifice they did noi need to make... 
thanks to all ms teachers and friends 
who made Ihis live seal grind memo 
rable... teachers of note: mr. nardueci 
( IO.I2&oac), mi John I I 2&oac i, nil 
lessaro I I l&oat i besl class. gt.Kl 

i ion with mi bissonnctte (besl 
crew ever) . times of note sfx4.bub- 
blin in dublin thank sou and take 


Daniel Pegoraro 

l lere's to the four greatest s rs ^i ms 
life, I wouldn't change a thin 
the SMC boss ii made it what n wis 
( )in.iss. I he Rinis,DC,DishplatesJ?John 
son. I' Pomps It's Im 
Powder),Gadoon. I he Italian 

I aide. 1. 1 he Buzzers, u all mean ,i lol lo 
me & I'll nesei forge) u guys Vila una 
parent! , grazie dei votro appoggio.non 

asiei potUtO reUSCire *ch;.\ 

Turnip brevet 

m ms heart lo the one and only MINI 
BOON i You lil --I I I 



Frank Petrasso 

Well, it is finally over!!! I just want to 
thank my parents for covering the tab. 
Usp, I want to thank Mr. Sheriden 
foi your guidance and support. Lastly, 
1 will never forget the memories 
from Senior Soccei 2001 andCancun 
2002. LATER 

Kevin Pickles 

\G AIM I have tinallv finished the 
toughest 5yearjoumej of my life, and 
the funny thing is I would do it all 
over again. 1 LOVE ST MIKE'S and I 
wouldn't trade my years here for an\ - 
thing in the world. Memories:XCx4. 
fishing rod.high5s.LIL Gatsby"ho« 
old art thou?" 3B's>uzzers. house. rods, 
deepbreaihs IT Nn.dancing&wheeling 
JZ. Thanks to m> family for total sup- 
port cV sacrificelTo m> friends its been 
a blast! You guys arc great!5years went 
b\ wax loo fast 'Thanks-TTheRide 

\ndrew Polischuk 

These past 5 years at St. Mike's have 
been amazing and have left a lasting 
impression on m\ life. I would like to 
thank m\ mom and dad. m\ brother 
Peter, and m\ girlfriend Adrienne for 
heir continued love and support. Sin- 
cere thanks to all of m\ teachers and 
basketball coaches for their guidance 
and constant encouragement. Finally, 
I would like to thank m\ friends for 
all the great times and all the laughs. 
I will always remember St. Mike's. 
Good luck to all the grads of 2002 in 
the future. 

Mark Power 

"No sir. m\ name is not Kevin 
Dunn." I would like to thank m\ 
amilv for all dieir support and 
for providing me with the finest 
opportunites in life. Heres to the 
Ukrainian connection. Bubblin 
in Dublin, the magic number. 
Montreal roadtrip, Sundav Bloody 
Sundays and riding the ele\ a- 
lor in Cancun. To the grads: "If 
I could see farther than others, it 
was because I was standing on the 
sfiouldeis of giants." 

Michael Prsa 

nallyOver.Yet MemoriesAreS 
esh SMCTaughtMeMany 
ThingsForW TiichlAmGrateful.Th 
LearningEnjoyable(EDDY' i Also 

Ad\ iceAndHelp.Lastly.TheMos 
Famil) ( Mom.Dad& Aug iThank 
YouForTheEndless Support.Love 

Nicolo Pomponio 

This year has been great. I will 
remember it for the rest o( m\ life. 
1m glad 1 had the chance to be pan 
of the tradition that makes up St. 
Mikes. Good luck in the future to 
all the bo\s on the Buzzers. We 
had a great run this year. II 1 had 
the chance to do it again I would 
in a second. Thanks for all of the 
memories. -PEACE- 

Nick Pozhke 

Thanks for the Syears I've spent w ith 
you. yellow bricks and a spirit of 
double blue. When It started I never 
thought it would now be through, 
main teachers helping along the way, 
Biss. John. Nards. Fisch to name a 
few. Mom thanks for the hints, and 
for the cue. Oh and I'm going to uni- 
versity too. Thanks to everyone, you 
know who you are. Thanks for mak- 
ing me who I am now. "It you feel 
scared, or a bit confused. I gotta sa) 
this sounds a little beyond anything 
I'm used to." - G.Dow ne\ 

Michael Przybylo 

"Error has ne\er neared my 
souflMetternichl Paul, thanks tor 
pa\ ing m> road and getting me through 
school. For my Parents, teaching me 
that hard work does pay off. Last a 
shout out to Coach Trents lor teaching 
me that football goes wa) beyond the 
field. Okay IT'S TIME you know who 
you are. Pull the power "Power Fail- 
ure". Thanks guvs it's been fun. 

age a@@9=@@@ei 




Mike Reaj 

-5 \ ears at SMC. ? v cars of TTC 5 
years wearing hia/ers & gre) slacks, 
5 years ol deadlines nn our backs 
-5 years eatin" in the caff. 5 vears 
that'll make va laugh -5 vears of 
different trends. 5 years ol making 
new friends -5 years of English 
and Religion. 5 years of goodness, 
knowledge, discipline. -5 years 
hearing countless stories. s years 
gaining unforgettable memorie 
years of education. reach a future 

Andres Rivela 

It's been an incredible 5 yra <.V I hope 
thai all of u who've made a difference 
in ni\ life.staff&students.that I made 
a diff. in urs I'll always remember 
the nine I had ' SMI basketball- 
D$ Florida trip.nards calc.barry Italians, honourary 
Chinese. Zingci scminar.OAC skip 
d.iv. I love mj life >\. who I've 
become through SMC. Just remem- 
ber: the world is round & the place 
which seems like the end may very 
well be the beginning -Thankj 
God, 4 everything 
- - Peace on Farth 

Matthew Roddy 

"Whatever happens lo us later in life, 
let u- always remember these tunc- 
that we had together. And even if 
we are occupied with more impor- 
tant things, if we attain to honour 
or fall into great misfortune-still let 
us remember how good il was here. 
when we were all together, united In 
these lo\ ing feelings, which made us. 
for the time we stood together, better 
perhaps than we are." This is my 
testimony, my ad\ ice to you will be; 

I ive like you'll die tomorrow but 
dream like you'll live forever.'' 

Kirk Reid 

After Syears of yellow walls&eold 
burgeis.I have realized that nii 
than.v arectue to the peopleA thine- thai 
made nn tunc here memorable 
to rnom&dad who gave me the 
love&support I needed 2 the original 
OTR UNcrew:MBal Caka 

I Rmiiicc 
race-® union. giUski day"is Campbell 
slceping'.'coughcough '.BondSweat 
s.lX-eV v I Veks VI 3'sJC's trailor,S< 
I s Sards, MsBrox ihan\ 
■ nd I hope losee you all 
ugh Its official "shut 'er 

Andrew Roberts 

"yesterday i- history. tomorrow 
i- a mystery, todaj i- a gilt thai is 
why thev call it the present." (hit/ 
Well boys its been an amazing 5 
years with phenominal memories. 
Baby Blues, greatest comeback ever 
(centre ice canon '.team gutless! /e 
Its. -olds, pics). Double Blues- best 
2 years. B-rundog,cooner. Friday 
i- win da\ 'lake the pin 

Benjamin Rogers 

Jonathan Rose 

\1\ live years ul SMI an ahead) 
over. It seems onl\ yesterday that I 
passed through the student arch 
not knowing anyone or what the lu- 
ture would bung, but as I'm leaving, 
I know this school has given me the 
knowledge and discipline needed foi 
all Inline endeavours I must thank 

ml ( hns loi alvvavs 
encouraging and being iheie foi me. 
ihe fellas who made ilus school the 
nine it was ami the Almighty 
One' It's lime lo kkk back! 

Dominic Ros/ak 
lcmpus Fugil It's been a mem- 
orable 5 years. I'm proud to 
have been a part of the St Mike's 
community. Special thanks to 
Mis Drapala (for the motivating 
discussions) & Mr Bissonnette 
i for the ( ienesee & lor 
being m> political antithesis). 
To m\ buds horn the ren 
Pslouqt. Grads & l I iod 

bless & may you all live long 
and prospt 

\ommmm mm 

Svlvain Rouleau 

Brvan Sand 

Kieran Ryan 

"the will to win is nothing without 
the will to prepare.'' This has been 
the best 5yrs of my life. Morocco, 

VOFSAAgoldO. Mansfield 
02 grl 1 12goons. 
UFL.tnpleLunch. Funnel. Marche. To 
all the boys, u know who u arc. My 
parents for S and support. Coaches 
PB.FB.DF.FJ. You won't do it! 
"Don't take life to seriously, u'll 
ne\er net out alive" -Van Wilder 

Luis Santos 

When 1 arrived at St. Mikes I had no 
idea what I was in for. 5 > cars later 
Ive grown physically, spiritually and 
intellectually. This school and the 
people in it have made my experi- 
ence here one for the books. Id like 
to thank my friends and family for all 
that they have done for me. if not for 
them I wouldnt be here. This chapter 
belongs to Darwin 

Robert Saverino 

These rive years at St. Mike's, un- 
doubtedly, have been the best years 
of my life. Special thanks must go out 
to: My parents for supporting me all 
the way. To my brother and sister for 
setting me w ith standards to live up 
to. To my teachers, especially Grassi. 
Barry. 32. Biss. and Xards. To my 
trips to Italy with Jon. Luch. Stef . . . 
Also I can't forget 4 Whops and a 
Chopi Moses). Cancun. Brisk at lunch 
and Kerry Blue Football. To all the 
rest of you. I love you guys and wish 

you all the best. BYE!' 

Jordan Sgro 

5 years o\ school tuition S40.000 
Books, clothes, and accessories 
$6,000 Transportation to school 

Leaving the greatest school 
in the world with the greatest 
friends imaginable: Priceles 
There are some things money 
can buy, But growing up with 
the greatest group of guys is 
PncelesslThanks Mom and Dad 
for everything. MMS 54 4 life. 

Luke Sawicki 

" Live as if you'll die tomorrow. 
dream as if you'll live forever." It 
has been a journey, at times quite 
bumpy, but somehow I have reached 
the end of this era of Double Blue. 
Even though the trek might be o\er. 
the memories and lessons learned will 
never be forgotten. Thanks to God. 
my family, friends, and teachers. "So 
make the best of this test, and don't 
ask why. It's not a question, but a les- 
son learned in time... I hope you had 

the time of your life", because I had. 

Joseph Sgro 

In die beginning I was forced. 2 come 2 a place 
that I didn't endorse. But over time it became a 
blast, and it saddens me 2 know it will not last. 
Than\ 2 my parents 4 footing the bill, and to all 
the boys for keeping it real. The grads of 00-03. 
D.V. D.B. AC. R.l.M.A. D.T. A P. \t S, M C, 
MnS.R and SB. You all have an everlasting 
influence on me. To the teachers-Nards. Tessaro. 
Lewis and 32. I couldn't have done it without 
all of you. And who can forget Cooner. F.Ts. 
M24's, PLDs. and OAC DDD. Some ol which 
were orchestrated by me. Although my as 
ments bore my name. It was those behind the 
scenes that deserve all the fame. Even this quote 
in the form of a poem. I musi confess was not 
written alone. And now m> stav al St. Mike's 
is about to evpire. In the words of Al Pacino.'l 

SUB asysyno^rsysi 

David Shanly 

Flu- years are gone .md I'm sad 
saj it's time to go. In my time here 
I've learned the importance oi good 
nutrition (the Pita Pit), --ale driving 
(especially on the way to exams 01 
San Francesco's), and public speak- 
ing no the lush!). Thanks In ill) 
family and the great Mall at SMC foi 
all the help ajong the way. I hanks 
in the friends who have given n 
wealth ul memories thai will last a 
lifetime, Later, 

Andrew Siqueira 

SM< is nunc than |iisi a school, 
il is a I. milk and my peers are not 
simply students. bu( brothers. It is 
a shame thai we are here lor such 
a short lime. Inn ai least we have 
amazing memories lor a lifetime. 
Thanks to all m\ teachers, you will 
always hold a special place in my 
heart. SMC4eva! Double Blue 
Through and Through! 

Adrian Spagnolo 

I'dl.ike ToThankMy Parents, leachersA 
nd\\ ifePookie4Belie\ ingInMe.5Yeat 
6AtSMCHaveBeen"Sick"ToSa) rhel 
easi. Congrats ToA 1 1 My Boyz(YouKno 
w WhoYouAre)ForGetting Through \ 
ent.AndABab) 's ( 'hampionship.DogP 
ound,AndSR( >.I'llNevei4getF.urope& 
Senior DoubleBlueOFSAA \>ppearanc 
e Nol roMention Grad2002InCooner" 
lustGiv'ER'MLeavel WithThis IWo 
iildRaihei Sii( >nAPumpkin& I la\ cltAI 
IToMyselfThanBeCrowdedOn Welvel 
( Cushion" 

Andrew Step 

irage is nol ihe absence ol |i 
Inn rather the judgment thai sum 
thing eKe is more important I he 
brave mas nol live forever bin the 
cautious do not live at all." I've con- 
quered all and have come mil \ ictoi i 
oiis A special thanks lo Mr. Sheridan. 
Mis I )rapala. Mi * h\ mg, without 
your support I i ouldn'l have done it. 


David Sheed\ 

My reign al smc iso imc 

to just giver, I hanks lo my p; 
lot their love and support. I 
staff, thanks tor your guidance and 

jean.flan.bobs&fox.thanks for 
the niemories:Cancuu. Ireland. may 2 
4s,brunn\.i'. II lo ill the grads good 
luck in youi future endeavours. -gel 

hung 01 get busy dying! 

Andrew Solda 

|* "ObstaclesAre I hcThingsYouSeeOnl 
yWhenULosel ocusOfYourGoal II 
atsliBoy s JtsOvei SMCwasAgreatsyr 

I^.ThePuddinglncident SF1 ,2,3,TlieB- 
house.Cancuu-justt iiver.Si DoubleBlue 
s.'UwontDoIf",0 VCDressDownDay.ft 
ballGames(raiIing),Tm( anadaGol I log 
poundi big( 'ill Ips.' land I can i(iul I 
bs./etts. picks) Nicl Mike. Chris. keep 
TheLcgaeyAliveBoy Idl ikeToThan 
k\l\ I'aients.Teaehei sAndFriendsl I kno 
wWhoUr.A s.M / WithoutTheirPushlVt 
ouldntHaveSucceed.YoaGuys \n 
stGroupl )K iuysIKnow.Diopc IbSt 
he! utun lakeThePlu'sAndGo'' Chitts 

David Stavrou 

It has been an unforgettable 5 yeaj 
first days as niners seem crystal clear 
in my mind. 1 would like lo thank my 
family and my girlfriend, lima, for their 
infinite support and encouragement. 
Their patience with my ignorance was 
priceless. To all the grads. work hard 
and get yoursell a be. unci See sou at the 
reunion. Thanks for e\ erything! 

Matthew Storns 
l is edut ation forms the common 
mind. Jusi as ihe twig is bent, the 
\le\andei Pope. 
The following behaves nol as an 
obituary, but the opposite, foi a new 
man is born II education guides ihe 
oning sapling ol a student, then 
a St Mil hael's education directs thai 

Mi to the heaven- 
ales cherish wha! you have taken. 
and do not let ns pot ncrt. 

Ma) we all speak wnl the triumph 
ol si John ' i have 

overcome th 


Ryan Sullivan 

PRTYS OVR BOYS.Thnx2 parnts n 
buds b/c w/o suport I couldn'v don 
it. This prty nrly kid me(9isu:2mths^ 
7brsbforl lam)Yrs pasd quik an ihe 
boys o'02 r now more like lamly than 
aclass.Nxl yr R famly'l split. Some o 
R paths'! cros othrs'l notBut its w/the 
xcitcnmt o prtys2 conic that I leav 
u. So 2 ni\ 2bl bin prty hid clasmates n 
buds who bcame bios Cheers 

Danny Taggio 

I would like to thank my parents for 
their financial & moral support, hope- 
fully neither will cease for a long long 
tunc. To all the SMC boys you are 
what made these years so memorable, 
and also to Danielle for always being 
there. There have been friendships 
made that will never end. but now that 
these 5 years are done we move on to 
the next 4. "Back to school, back to 
school to prove to Dad I'm not a fool, 
1 got my lunch packed up, boots tied 
tight I hope I don't get in a fight" 

Andrew Taddeo 

Simon Tarn 

SMC 9 -> @VPSS ?*IB*? 10 -> 
SMC 1 1-13 | much appreciation for 
any&all assistance in my first 14 
years (artime has ruined and enriched 
my life /paradox^ and will CONTIN- 
UE} : >credits to Palm, Inc. for en- 
hancing [gninracl tncgrevid] my OAC 
learning e\penence< : i am a product 
of 6 years of public education, but 
SMC will always be remembered ; 
IT'S a dangerous thing to be used to 
doing things wrong ! .. '.'!'.' I AM NOT 
SAM TAM... she got me stuck on a 
lift in Taipei, cheers to MMII! 486 

Stefano Tarantino 

Adam Teolis 

Tuition -$40.IM)0 

Books - $2,000 

Prom -$130 

Having 50 screaming St. Mikes fans 

snap a railing during a football game 

and land on top of you - Priceless 

It's been a good 5 years boys from 
Ireland, to Montreal, to Muskoka, to 
Mexico. I'll never forget a moment. 

"I knew it was a crime. I did it any- 
way, what can I say, I'm a rebel." 
- Hunter S. Thompson 

Stephen Tardif 

"What can I say except thank you 
to the teachers who have taught me, 
to the students with whom I have 
studied. Specifically, Mr. Sheriden. 
Walsh. Di Leo, Bissonette. Fischer, 
Ross. Lee and. of course. Mrs. 
Scandiffio. Mr. Barry whose humour 
did not go unnoticed. Mr. Narducci 
who taught with as much patience as 
clarity. Mr. McCann whose greatest 
lesson was example, and the gra- 
cious Sister Frances, whose abilities 
were rivalled only by her compas- 

Adam Turco 

Thanks to my parents for giving me 
the opportunity to go to SMC. Thanks 
to Coulter for all the philosophical 
discussions. Furlong for striking up 
da bandlStef. we will always have 
resurrection. Dave, long live the 
PTERRA-mobile.loe.Yeah Man'Prsa. 
skoal! Jon, my room was always 
rocking. Scratchi. Thatta BoylTo all 
my Cancun boys. WOW! Im out. See 

sras a@®o=a®§$ 

Paul lurzanski 

First and foremosi I would like to 
thank God, secondly I would like to 
thank my parents and grandparents 
for granting me the opportunity to 
attend St. Mikes. I would also like to 
thank all oi my friends foi the great 
memories) Ireland.Cooner.SFI -4)You 
guys are the reason why the yellow 
bricks will always nave a special 
place in in; heart. PEACE. 

Paolo Valente 

Although these lasi H /< ars have 
gone by in a heartbeat, they have 
amounted to a lifetime ol pei 
an experience ihai will stay « id 
Forevei Id like to thank Sr I ran 
\lr Narducci, Fi Zinger, Mrs Pignctti, 
Mr Vitullo, and my Parents youveall 
prepared me lor the world and I owe 
you more than words can say. Most 
ol all, Id Like to thank my brothers 
in blue Youve all been urea! friends 
.aid my experience here couldnt have 

the same without you. Thank 
You. I >ouble Blue 1 orever. 

Dennis Wagner 

\h journey through these yellow 
bricks lias come to an end It's been 
a greal 5 years at SMC and there are 

several people who have made il such 

a special time I irsi ol all. I would like- 
to thank my parents for their uncondi- 
tional love and support. Another thanks 
goes oul to my teachers for being so 
encouraging throughoul the years Last 
but not least. I would like to thank 
my friends for all the fun limes. My 
memories from SMC will never lade 
away.Congrats to all the grads and 
i luck in the future! 

Sheldon Winter 

["he best five years ol my life are 
now Finished, but will nevei be 
forgotten. Friends for life have been 
made, and the memories will always 
be with me. Friends don'l make the 
world go round, they just make the 
ride more enjoyable. Thanks guys 
for making this the best ride ever. 
I hanks to my family for their sacri- 
fices and support, and to the teachers 
for all of their assistance. You miss 
a 1009! ol the shots you don't take, 

and I've learned that, live with no 
Bts It's been a blast! 

Derek Whittaker 

-•Only those who risk going loo far 
can possibly lindouihow far one can 

go. ils Blliol i I y Family, friends, 

teachers and coaches, thanks foi always 

pushing me lodo my I 

Alvin Wong 

5 years... Memories Markville, 
Fallin, Parks, exams, girls. ja\ a, 
grl I bio hmrm, lates, breakfast 
club, Finch Subway OAC02 
pranks Shouts to ed-o-philia. fal- 
A, Dek. here. *0s man. titanic97. 
booyah, lugi, \ V" 02, lobs. 
italians, gi IX superyolk. Family, 
God May W I mil Day ol 5 years, 
parking lot. From grV to < • V 
coming here a kid. leaving here 
for univ. The Continuing Search 
"Veritas" Made In China 
VOI in hi Years"' SMC Grad 
(lass '02 150th Year 

Steve Young 

\\ hen you die and you >:\u\ up in a 
plai e where people ask you questions 
about life and what you learned I 
think a good way to gel oul ol il is 
to say "No Speka I uglish" I hanks 

1 1 my Mom and Dad and all my 

Christopher Yu 

I hese years at Si M's base been the 
besi years ol my life and I thank the 
teachers foi theii efforts Terry,! predict 
■ foi you wuh ui future 

in inalh. Simon. e.i-e up on the 

anime and remember im the nono 

ehamp.Jonny.u i nol cheap and woik 
on those skill/.Kieh. \pcHo\ wil 
soon.Jcr wash those hands Ivl u smell 
iheni.Shel.l own u in bball.Sle\e.keep lalmas in penn.n .ui.u 
have hidden lalenl.and i thank my 
p.ucnts.nol importanl enough to men 
lion ' cough I "1 V 

mmmn& ai&ss 

I Matthew Zettel 

5 years zero regrets; cunner(dos 

i cervezas), nil. team gutless (AR. 
\s. KPi. letter B.Gatz.Al. dance 

I Hi v hack right corner, chants in the 
cafe locker room, marche. giv'er. i 

I am forever grateful to my parents lor 
sending me here and for the support, 
im teachers: you did the best sou 
could with what you got. m> friends: 
ho\s 1 cquldnl have done it without 
you, thanks foi the memories, reman- 

■ bcr, d^nce like no one's watching and 
JH Dream .is if you'll live forever, li\e as 
if you'll die today. 

Mark Zochowski 

Throughout the last five years spent 
amongst these historical yellow 

bucks there is a lot to be thankful 
for not the least of w hich is m\ St. 
Mike's education. It's hard to believe 
it's over, but I am glad to have had 
the privilege of spending these last 
few years with the most earing, 
know ledgeable and Christian like of 
people. Special thanks go out to all 
nn teachers particularly; Mr. Shan- 
non. Mr. Pagano (both). Mr. DiPero. 
Mr. Fit/ and Father Zinger. 

Walter Zigan 

"To leant, you must study, but to 
understand, you must observe." Life is 
full of surprises, some are positive and 
others are negative. You never know 
what will happen next, that's why you 
should live everyday to the fullest 
extent, and learn as much as you pos 
siblj can. I have managed to do this 
not only b\ myself, but also with the 
help of family, teachers, and friends. 
The live \cars at SMC went by in a 
blink of an e\e. but the memories will 
be cherished for a lifetime. 

Mark Zuceon 

Thank you to m\ parents and my 
brother Mike for their supporl 
and to my friends for the great 
laughs both inside and outside 
the yellow bricks of St. Mikes. 
Cancun2002 "You guys gotta 
relax". DoubleBluesGrade 1 2. 
Cafeteria and locker chants. Big 
Gulps EH. Broken tailing at 
football game. Its been the most 
memorable five years of my life. 
"Just sivER." 

■ufflg a@@Q°@@@@G 


mmm® mm 

Rvan Sullivan, VMt Lista, Derek O'Farrell 

7iki Clark and frit ml 




( ( I I I 1 I M i 

c ( i i i i i i i : 

/ 1 1 T T T T I [ 


Peter Frost 

Philip Nicholson 

Andj Nicholson 

Stephen Nicholson 

Paul c hepesiuk 

Dan McTavish 
Reid Brennan 

fonathan Liorti 

J.U. Burnes 

Adam Grossi 

rhis vear was a very busy one for the Art Club. We began the 
year with an extensive project on silk screening. Students had 
the opportunity to design and print their own T-shirts. Ceram- 
ics was next on the agenda. The students created various objects 
in clay and then glazed them and dried them in the kiln. The 
final project of the year was creating the sets for the two drama 
productions Inherit the Wind and Oklahoma! 


(left to right) Raphael Sammut, Michael Ceci, Michael I rancella, 
I r \1 Lehman, Vlnay Femandes, David Nespolo, Jacob Surkonl 

The Chaplaincy Club is an integral 
pari "i St. Michael's College School. 
The Club is responsible for assist- 
ing and promoting the various lit- 
urgies celebrated at the school. I he 
members seek to grow in their spiritual life by applying their Christian principles to the tasks ai hand 
and to those around them. I he members invoh e themselves in the so( ial and spiritual life ol the school 
In their < ommitment to \ arious organizations such as the t lood Shepherd Refuge and 1 he ( hit ol the 
( * 'Id Program. The c haplaincj ( lub is also responsible for the development and maintenance ol a 
"< haplainc v Newsletter." I his publi< ation is instrumental in rela) ing pertinent religious and spiritual 
matter. I he members ol the c lub go to the daily Masses thai are offered al the lunch periods and assist 
the priests. 








Intermediate Club 

(Back row /-;■): Nathan Goveas, Bobby Yeoman, William Song, Mark 

Sutton, Michael Bravo, Paul Moyer, Michael Boraccia, Michael Russo, 

Chris Dileo, Bernard Chiu, Jeff Leung, Jonathan Mar 

(Front row l-r): G. Shust, Nick Aitken, Mark Molckovsky, Vladimir 

Moisseykin, Derek Whittaker 

(Missing — Richard Rzeszutek, Laszlo Kerekes, Daniel Toto, Michael Ad- 

amovsky, Michael Powell) 

[l-r): Simon Tarn, Justin Chan, Brian Arcand, Andrew Chan, 
Simon Leon, G. Shust 
(Missing — Andre Rivela) 


The 1987-88 school year (the same year Mr. Shust started working at SMCS) marked the beginning of 
the SMC Computer Club. However, it was in 1994-95 that the club transformed into what it is today — a 
Computer Programming Club. 

Members take part in national and international programming contests. 

The two main contests are: 

1. University of Waterloo Programming Contest. This contest involves writing 5 difficult programs 
in 3 hours. U of W uses this contest to choose a group of high school students to represent Canada at 
the International Programming Olympiad. The Contest takes place sometime in February or March, 

2. American Computer Science League. This contest consists of 4 mini-contests during the year (De- 
cember, January, February and March). Each contest has two parts: a written section (30 minutes), and 
a programming section (3 days). The written section requires students to study computer material out- 
side high school curriculum and the programming problems are quite involved. The club enters at two 
levels: intermediate and senior — and the top three scores are submitted as a school score. Competition 
is mostly among the top schools in North America and some European schools. The top 15 schools in 
each category are invited to an All-Star Competition held in the United States on Memorial Day week- 
end. St. Michael's has been invited every year since it joined the All-Stars, but no SMC team has yet 
been a medal winner at this level. The club requires approximately 15 hours of participation. 


The Duke of Edinburgh Program 

Front row (left to right): 
Patrick Kavanagh 
Janusz Michalik 
[an Naranowicz 
Nick Ait ken 
l)a\ id Cappodocia 
Michael Teixiera 
Mark Freyman 
Mark Storus 

2nd row (left to right): 
Andrew Bouffard 
Kellen Kidstone 
Michael Ferrarelli 
Kenneth Man 
Brendan Charles 
I red Caprara 
Adriano Memme 
Gordon laylor Moffat 
Michael Maksimowski 

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an inter- 
national award that recognizes initiative, 
achievement, and excellence in four areas: skill 
development, physical fitness, community 
service, and expeditions. Currently eighty-five 
students at St. Michael's are working on their 
Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award. Pictured here 
are students participating in their practice jour- 
ney, hiking and learning winter camping skills 
al Sene< a t ollege in King City. 

3rd row (left to right): 
Ms. DeCoun \ 
.Andrew Miskiv 
Chris Tino 
Chris Buccella 
Warren Saldanha 
Michael Brewer 
Adam Micieli 
David Mitchell 
1 Uiot Paul 
Philbert [p 
Chris Luszczek 
I rank Mariani 
Nicholas Tsang 
David Carroll 

4th Row (left to right): 
Simon Johnston 
\ inav Fernandes 
Kurt Witaker 
Steven Royiwsky 
Andrew Hagner 
Michael Man 
Jonathan Hendricks 
Andrew Pisani 
Daniel La Gamba 
Mark Molckov skv 
Amelio The 

Leadership Program 

Front Row (l-r): Andrew Bouffard, Thomas Giannetta, Jerome Arthur, Philbert Ip, Paul Moyer, Steven Dagenais, Anthony 
Ottavino, Taylor Moffat, Matthew San Juan 

Back Row (l-r): Mr. E Bazzocchi, Mark Molockovsky, John Moyer, Andrew Sartori, Viny Fernandes, Patrick Kavanagh, 
Ashton France, Steve Dagenais 

Absent: Jason Henrv Shrowder, Nathan Goveas, Mike Murphy, Chris Luszek, Michael Bravo, Andrew Hagner, Chris 
Citrullo, Christian Rosa, Patrick Johnson, Francisco Colino, Andrew MacDonald, Pat Quinn, Michael Stephenson 



for the 

St. Michael's participates in the School 
Reach for the Top inter-school competi- 
tion. We have three teams, one Inter- 
mediate and two Senior (A and B). We 
also have an intramural league for both 
Intermediate (Gr. 9-10) and Senior (Gr. 
11-OAC) teams. 

Senior Reach for the Top Team 

Back row: Tom McMorrow, Rob Greco, Nick Cifelli, 
Mark Molckovsky Dan Grant, Alfonso Nocilla, Andrew 

, , , _ . , , , , Front row: Lliam O'Neil, Andrew D'Cruz, Anton Hvginus, 

Reach tor the Top is a general knowledge Bryan LeG/ Coach Mrs p Boland 

trivia competition similar to Jeopardy. In 

fa( t, Alex Trebek was the host for Reach for the Top thirty years ago. There are four players per team, 

along with additional back-up players and the team's coach. 

The quizmaster asks the question and the first team to buzz in first must answer. If they get the answer 
wrong, then the other team gets a crack at it. Ten points arc awarded for each correct answer. Occasion- 
ally there are questions that can be worth twenty points and "What/ Who am I?" questions worth up 

to forty points. The players may confer with each 
other before buzzing in except on assigned ques- 
tions. There are three rounds of questioning with 
two breaks in between. On average, there are 
around LOO questions. Reference for questions 
usuall) comes from up-to-date works such as 
the Encyclopedia Britannica and the Canadian 





umii i 






Junior Reach for the Top Team 

(/ r): I )an Milway Radej Barra< k, Ms. Anne Marie 
c serer (( oa< Id. I\ ler Barra( k, \lu hael Surkont, Mark 


Absent from photo: Rob Antolin, \n I >oumouras 










' > 






^7 ^i- • > 



Jordan Sgro 



Photos missing : 

Michael [ones, Michael Teixeiia, Michael Chun 



The Green Council is a committee of St. Michael's students that seeks to spread awareness about envi- 
ronmental issues in Canada and the World, while respecting God's creation as their core principle. 

During the year of 2001-2002, the Council maintained a bulletin board with news, upcoming events, 
and articles about environmental issues. Articles were written for school newspapers, including The 
Blue Echo and Faith in Action. 

The Council's focus during Spring was preparing for and running Earth Week activities (April 19-Ma) 
1). Prayers were written and read by Council members every morning of Earth Week, while raffle tick- 
ets were sold in the cafeteria for the grand prize of a solar-powered radio. Protecting God's creation, 
especially all life, is the fundamental principle that the Green Council acts by and hopes to spread 
throughout the school. 


Photography q^ 

The St. Mike's Photography Club is an excellent educational experience in the 
field of photography It involves black and white film processing in the dark- 
room. Students learn the techniques of adjusting for under or over exposure 

during enlarging and development phase's ot 
printing as well as the pro( esses to increase 
contrast using filters and timing oi devel- 

The Photography Club documents the 
academic and extracurricular events at St. 
Michael's. The pictures are then developed 
into colour slides or videos used for pre- 
sentation during the Athleti( Awards Ban- 
quet and the ( Irades 7, 8 and c ' information 

'students learn audio-visual editing ,md 
mixing of \ ideo-tapes shot bj club mem- 
bers throughout the year. (Mainly sports 
competitions ranging from cross countr) 

in September to baseball in lune.) 1 he 
moderator for this club is Mr. [an I hemp- 
son ,w\<\ the club is open to members el all 

(/ r): Sampath Perera (Gi 9), Prashanth Rasaih (Gi 9), Michael Bravo 

I2l, R i ibianco (< ii I J) I lien Vrthui [erome Vrthui 

9), \iulivu Smart (Gr. 12), Mi I ["hompson, Rob Kivlich fronl 

i entre) 

(Missing Anthony Merlocco, Janus Miclmlik, Dominii Ri 


daac: Zhe Dmi and Alcohol Awareness Committee 


Warren Saldanha 

Front row (left to right): 
Patrick ka\ anagh 
Anthony Merlocco 
Glen Arthur 
Andrew Hagner 
Mark Molckovsky 

Back row (left to right) 
James lee 
Michael Bra\ o 
Ms. DeCourcy 
Paul Mover 
Amelio The 

This year, the St. Michael's Drug and 
Alcohol Awareness Committee joined 
the In the Driver's Scat program and fo- 
cused mainly on educating students about danger- 
ous driving and in particular, the consequences of 
impaired driving. 

The group established an Awareness Week, which 
began with a video, and guest speakers on the topic 
of the dangers associated with drinking. The fol- 
lowing day, the Grade 11, 12, and OAC students 
were presented with Impact 2000, a media presen- 
tation that focused on the prevention of accidents 
resulting from dangerous and impaired driving. 
The week culminated with a games event in the 
lecture hall where students participated in aware- 
ness activities. In addition, the committee created 
a banner stating, "St. Michael's supports safe driving 
because winners don't drink and drive," designed by 
students and professionally manufactured, which 
will hang in the St. Michael's Arena. There were 
also presentations made to the junior-school stu- 
dents, an art contest, and awareness messages at 
the semi-formal and at the graduation formal. 

As members of the In the Driver's Seat program, the students entered a competition with fifty-six other Toronto 
area schools, and were judged on the quality, originality and outreach of their campaign. The moment of truth 
came when these young men presented their yearlong campaign effort to the judges from the Toronto Public 
Health Department. In their debut year, the students placed in the Top Ten Schools category and won a multi- 
media presentation for St. Mike's from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). 


The St. Paul's Outreach Program 

The St. Paul's Outreach Program was a new program this 
year at St. Michael's. With the support of the SMCS par- 
ent council and the help and organization of Mrs. Dun- 
smore, a parent volunteer, and Mr. Fischer, twenty-five 
St. Michael's students ventured out every Tuesday to St. 
Paul's elementary school to tutor and mentor third-grad- 

While helping the children with reading and writing, 
the tutors formed close friendships with each of their 
students. Both tutors and students discovered the value 
of hard work and determination. The tutors found that the experience was rewarding as they learned 

more about both their students and themselves. 

Some highlights of the program included a magic show by Kel- 
vin Kwong and the special graduation ceremony. During the cer- 
emony, each of the third-graders received a certificate recogniz- 
ing their achievement, a St. Michael's t-shirt, and a prayer card. 
We hope the program will continue to grow, involving more St. 
Michael's students and more schools. 

St. Michael's Used Hockey Equipment Drive 

for St. Paul's Basilica Regent Park Hockey Program 

Some of the volunteers (/-r): 
Mr. I). Fischer, Tom Eminowicz, ( iianni c ap- 
puccitti, Michael C hurt, fames Campbell, John 
Mannella, [oeGaristo, [erome Cheng 

In February, St. Michael's received .1 phone call From Sr Margaret Feelej .11 St. Paul's Basilica. Familiar with 
St, Michael's because ol our work with their ( hristmas food and gifl basket program, Sr. Margaret asked St. 
\ln hael's tu .lssisi her in helping till ,1 need in il<>w rttown [bronto She asked oui s< hool communirj to > ollect 
used hockey equipment to help out tit 110 seven-to-eighteen year-olds who are part ol .1 youth hockej program 
in Regent Park that aims to get youth oft the streets and into productive activities. Students, friends, and families 
ot St. Mi< hael's gathered enough equipment to outfit about twenrj five youngsters. 



The Debating team at St. Mike's partici- 
pates in numerous debating tournaments 
in a wide variety of debating styles, ranging 
from pro-con to cross-ex to parliamentary. 
The team is a regular participant in Pro- 
Con debates in all three divisions (Novice 
Gr. 9 & 10; Junior Gr. 10 & 11; Senior Gr. 
12 & 13). St. Michael's is also a member of 
the Ontario Student Debating Union and 
takes part in a wide variety of invitational 
debates such as the Royal St. George's Tour- 
nament and the McGill High School Debating Tourna- 

For those who are not interested in competitive tourna- 
ments but would still like to be involved, the debating 
team welcomes those as well. Non-competitive events 
include the Ontario Model Parliament, the Southern 
Ontario Model United Nations Assembly, intramural de- 
bates, speaking workshops and the occasional exhibition 
debate against a local girl's school. 

Junior Debaters 

Back (l-r): Adam Chan, Michael Telati, Gregoire Rouleau, Tyler Barrack 
Front (l-r): Brendan Barrack, Raphael Sammut, Jacob Surkont 
(Moderator: Fr. Burns) 

Intermediate Debaters 

(l-r): Radey Barrack, Andrew McCutchin, Kelvin Kwong, Andrew Sydor 
i Moderator: Mr. Vella, Absent: Alfonso Nocilla, Geoffrey D'Cruz, Sean Jenkins, 
Michael Murphy, Nathan Goveas) 

Senior Debaters 

(l-r): Tom McMorrow, Rohn Jackson, Simon Leon, Andrew Siqueira 

Grade 12 Club 
Ryan Prendergast 
Daniel Lagamba 

James Jee 
Andrew Pignataro 


Zhe Blue Rhetorics 

Matthew Storus 
sua e rardiff 
Paulo Korre 
Mr. P. McCann 
K\ an Jones 
Tom McMorrovv 


[ally Just" is term which describes 
those who care for their neighbour. It is 
best expressed in Christ's parable of the 
Good Samaritan, a man who acted from 
the highest human motives; his obliga- 
tion as neighbour, to another human. His 
priority o\ neighbour before economic s or 
even his own personal convenience was 
held up to us by Christ as the way we 
should treat each other. 

Mr M. Quinn, Peter I rost, Benedict [bmory, lames 1 ee, 
lulian Barkin, Anthony Mancini 

Our Christian traditions demand that we always tell the truth, ib condone a lack ol justice or to be si- 
lent when acts lacking justice are being perpetrated on others is not to stand for or to tell the truth. 

Our si hool stands for truth. I hat is what we teach. I he So< iet\ tor Social justice teaches and enforces 
the truth Members will write letters to politic al leaders, in\ ite guest speakers to visit the si hool, and 
send money in relict ol those who are not being shown fustic e 


Tower Yearbook Staff 

James Andrachuk ^ r 
} . _ Co-Editors 

Andrew Escobar 

Andrew Miskiv 

Michael Ceci 

Tomislav Stefanac 

Nick Pozhke 

Bryan Lee 

Michael Ferrarelli 

Fr. L. Cullen,C.S.B. 
Mr. M. De Pellegrin 


Thank you to the helpful staff at Canada Yearbook Services 


ln\ .... 

I fc ■ '• ■ ■ 


lVk s s S ■ . v ...... 

Jonathan ... 

•• . ... 

(unior |a; 1 nsemblo 

Front Row faylor Moffat Vince Formusa Dravis O'FamMI Nicholas Tkach. Chris I Robert tanto 

Back Row (sitting) Andrew Km n Michael Brewei MarkLodcem Reid Brennan \dam kumik Paul Kaahach \*\ 
Back Row (standing) ^postoloZeno Jonathan Micoli 


^9& fQ: 

Grade 10 Band 

Front Row: Mark Cipriani, Michael Galasso, Taylor Moffat, Kenneth Man, Daniel Milway, Oliver Loh, Francesco Mariani, 
Simon Johnston 

2nd Row: Mr. Paul Pietrkiewicz (conductor) , Anthony Fernandopulle, Scott McAuley, Matt Cheng, Kris Cheng, Apostolo 
Zeno, Adam Miceli, Vince Formusa 

3rd Row: Michael Cengale, Chris Luszczek, Anthony Labate, Kurt Whitaker, Zachary Matijczyk, Chris Bucella, Jay Lee, 
Kellen Lidstone 

Back Row: Brian Skinner, Brendan Charles, Greg Nonato, Marco Ottavino, David Nespolo, Kyle Murphy, Jonathan Miceli, 
David Di Biase, Andrew Bouffard, Lucas Vetta 

Senior Jazz Ensemble 

Front Row: Nicholas Cifelli, Adriano Memme, Julian Barkin, Andrew D'Cruz, Dean Pehafiel 
Back Row (sitting): Vince Di Gregorio, Steven Smolsky, Mark Storus, Wilfred Ip 
Back Row (standing): Brian Murnaghan, Michael Kostowskyj 


Senior Wind Ensemble 

I runt Row : IYUt Pinteric, R\ .in I'rendergast, Adrian Nahirny, Michael Ii-ixrii m, Aaron Marques, I )amien I rost, Aidan 
I >ineen, Philbert lp, NicholasC Lfelli 

2nd Row: Mr. Paul Pietrkiewicz (conductor), Michael Ferrarelli, Michael l'r/\ln lo, Adam De Luca, Jonathan Nunes, Sean 
[enkins, Vince Di Gregorio, Jason Pike, Andrew McCutchan 

3rd Row: James Andrachuk, Joey Fotia, Mark C esario, Patrick Kavanagh, I red C aprara, Vinay Fernandes, Matthew 
Baldassarra, Dean Pehafiel, Adriano Memme 

Back Row: Warren Saldanha, Daniel LaGamba, MarkStorus, Wilfred lp, fohn falcevac, Jonathan Hendricks, Steven 
Smolsky, Michael Russo, Michael Maksimowski, William Massi, AJex Marques 

Senior Concert Band 

I i, nit Row: Ryan Prendergast, Mi< hael feixeira, Adrian Nahirny, Damien Frost, Roland Alexander, Ke\ in C han, \idan 
Dineen, Philbert lp, Nicholas ( Lfelli 

2nd Row: Mr. Paul 1'ietrkicw i< / (condui toi ). Mi< hael Przj In lo, Adam I >e 1 u< a, Peter Pinteru Mi( hael Man, I >a\ id 
Miti hell, lonathan Nunes, Sean Jenkins, Vimn Marques, Mariano Memme 

(rd Row Frank Cerullo, Joej Fotia, Mark ( esario Patrick kavanagh. I red c aprara, \ ina) I ernandes, Matthew 

Baldassarra, 1 Jean Penafiel, Sean ka\ ana ugh 

Itli Row: las, in Pike, Vince Di Gregorio, Andrew Md utchan, Daniel La Gamba, Mi< hael I ram el la, |ohn Reiterowski, 

\d,mi Reiterow ski. In iin ( re isatti Mil hael Russo, Mi( hael Maksimowski, William Massi, Robert Rubino 

I'm. \ Row [an Mori, Warren Saldanha, Wilfred lp, Mark stems, [ohn lalcevac, lonathan I lend in ks, Steven Smolsky, 
I homas I >obosz, I 'a me l pi. . innini, fames Vndrai hui l Ireg Benedetto 


7i 11m 1 

$ If ^ Athletics 

•5 20O/-2002 




Besides its usual activities of daily practise in the Archery 
Range and participation in various tournaments, the St. 
Michael's College School Archery Club has organized 
clinics here at the school tor students from throughhout 
the Metropolitan Toronto area. In attendance at these clin- 
ics have been Mrs. Joan MacDonald and Mr. Gar) ( allies, 
coaches for the Canadian Olympic Archer) learn, and 
Mrs. Ka\ Shillingham of York Memorial Collegiate In- 
stitute, coach and organizer of the O.F.S.A.A. Provincial 
Archerv Championships. 

Our Archery team, consisting of Brian Arcand, Jonathan 
Mar, Robert Macdonald, and Alex Howard, is currently 
O.F.S.A.A. silver medal winner for the province of On- 
tario. Brian Arcand currently holds the silver medal for 
O.F.S.A.A. in Ontario and also has placed second in the 
entire country in archery. 

The St. Michael's College School Archery Club hosted 
the lather Matthew Mulcahv Memorial Invitational 
Archers Tournament in the gymnasium May 16, 2002 
This tournament was open to students from through- 
out the Metro area. 

The Club Executive for 2001-2002 consisted ol Brian Ar- 
cand, President; Jonathan Mar, Vice-President; Robert 
Macdonald, Secretary; and David Ailegranza, Treasurer. 

/ roni Rod ( leofl I •'( ruz, Kevin Chan, Nicholas rsang, fames 
Andrachuk, Patrick Kavanagh 

/ Row. I )a\ ul \Uegranza, Matthew Kandiuk, I d Kuo, Paul 
rershakowec, Robert Fortnum, Brian Arcand, Jonathan \, Mat- 
thew Antolin, I r I Burns, Robert Macdonald, lulian Barkin 

The Olympic Team consisted of Brian Arcand, Jonathan 
Mar, Robert Macdonald, Robert Fortnam, and Matt Roddy. 
I he St. Michael's Standard Team consists of Julian Barkin. 
David AUegranza, Patrick Kavanagh, Matt Antolin, and 
Matt Kandiuk. 

Ml (i. 


* * 

bf- raflltfg 

Junior / / / 


Back Row I i Mr. P.J Miller, Ryan Donnelly, [yler Hill, 
Mike I (unsmore, Mike Brisbois, Kris | )abrow iecki, Steve 
n, Mr. I Zownir 

I ronl Ro ' ddieChan, Mike Britl tan, 

|on Micieli, Matl Mai I )onald, Sean Kavanau 


Senior , \ \ 


Back Row (/-;): Mr. J. Zownir, Steve Picco, 
Jerod smith, Tyler Hill, Ryan Donnelly, 
Kyle Hill, Michael Dunsmore, Andrew 
Haugh, Andrew Palumbo, Mike Brisbois, 
^ean ka\ anaugh, Kris Dabrowiecki, Mr. F. 

Front Row (/-/): Paul Clementi, Matt MacDonald, Mike Hurley. Quenton So, Eddie Chan, Jon Keating, 
Peter Moretto, Andrew Radcliffe 



Standing, back (/-/): Mr. V. Reece, Mr. E. John, 
Kelvin Li, Prinz Collantes, Mike Boynton, Dave 
Carroll, Pat Johnson, Adam Garetson, James Ho, 
Andrew Polischuk, Andy Punkris, Mike Powell, 
Drey Rivela, N'olan Zucchet, Mr. J. Zownir 

Kneeling, front (!-r): Jonas Didzbalis, Paul Sergautis, 
Jon Clark, Nathan Skinner, Christian -\rambulo 




Lm-1 football 



2001 TDCAA Senior Football Champions 

I irst Row (/-r): Richard Zulys, Steve Zampini, Anthony Morris, Paul Carbonelli, Mr George Ganas, Mike Przyb) lo, Mr. 
Paul Forbes, Andrew Gidaro, Mr. Mike Zahra, fan Naranowicz, Tom McMorrow, John Arrarte, Matt Roddy 

Second Row (l-r): Aaron Paas, George Polyzois, Dan Poto, Dan Rossetti, Kevin Henry, Angus Dinely Mike Czerwinski, 
DaveSanti, \icCholodnv, Tvler Russell, Jan Vlichalik, Rob Rubino, f.P. Di Giulio, Paul Marchese, Paddj McConvey, C hris 

Third Row (l-r): Ollie Aeby, fohn R05 Lwsky, Phil Varino, Sean Nichols, Ion Dixon, fordan Sgro, Omar Shaheen, Sam Vsaro, 
Rob Saverino, Steve Smolsky, Greg Benedetto, Mike Sua 1 

I ourth Row (7 r): Roman Myndiuk, Mike Boynton, I >ave Shanty, Stefan Kuuskne, Mike 1 ima, Alex Bertucci, Anthonj 
Vinelli, Stefan Bilyk 

Absent: Mi Frank (rentadue, Mr. Mike Ross, romameOke, irurnbull Fisher 

The Senior Kerry Blurs had a verj successful season this year with a M -2 record, rhere were a lot of 
new faces on the team and it took ,i while for e\ eryone to come together. Alter .i season opening loss to 
St. Andrew's, the Kerrj Blues won their next nine games in( hiding "come from behind" victories o\ er 
Upper Canada College and Michael Power. I he) won their third straight I DC AA Championship with 
a win over I [enry Carr. I he Kerr) nines defeated York Region champions Markham (. ollegiate in the 
quarter finals of the Pro\ incial Playoffs. 


First-Place Finish 

Undefeated Season 

First-Time CISAA 


2001 CISAA Champions 
Record: 7-0-0 

First Row (l-r): Alex Racco, Paul Poloni, Tom Magee, Frank Colino (captain), Paul Shaughnessy, Andrew Freitas (captain), Mr. David 
Lee, Mr. Frank Ribarich, Mr. Enzo Carcasole, Alex Bertucci (captain), Nolan Zucchet (captain), Adam Garetson (captain), Carlos Da 
Fonseca, Mike Rubino 

Second Row {l-r): Adam Micieli, Troy Adams, Patrick Dabiet, Tyrone Edwards, Francis Marquez, Scott Giles, Yiannis Soumalias, An- 
drew Grossi, Adrian Gibbons, Jaren Hayman, Ollie Aeby, Rob Antolin, Ari Doumouras, Stephen Antolin 
Third Row (l-r): Dan Grant, Conrad Bach, Kellen Lidstone, Giancarlo Irwin, Reid Brennan, Mike Colatosti, Richard Cramer 
Back Rows: Vince Formusa, Rob lantorno, Michael Enright, Rick Lettieri, Dan DiFonzo, Manny Abell, Tom Kobzev, Mike Procunier, 
Liam Niven, Martin Rebello, Chris Luszczek, Mark Locicero, Martin Zettel, Paul DiGregorio, GianFranco Raimondo, Jansen Shrubb, 
Brandon Meneguzzi, Kieran Harris, Justin Cressatti, Ian Mori, Gabriel Naumovich 

The 2001 SMC Golf Team 
captured bronze in the TD- 
CAA Championships held 
in October 2001. The team 
members wish to thank 
Mr. Reece and Mr. McCann 
and vow to capture gold after 
missing second place by one shot! 

Members (l-r): Mr. P. McCann, Charles Pal, 
Matt Rubacha, Michael Francella, Mr. V. Reece 

Absent from picture: Andrew Newton 



Zhe Blue Harriers 

TDCAA Overall Champions (23 rd Consecutive Year) 

TDCAA Midget, Junior, Senior Champions 

CIS Midget, Junior, Senior and Overall Champions 

OFSAA (Ontario) Senior Gold Medalists— the Team's 18 th Provincial 
Championship Team, 39 th Medalist Team in 21 Years 

Kieran Ryan and Marty Fox — 5 Consecutive Provincial Championship Teams 

fop Row (//): John Reiterowski, Philbert [p, Geoff Frost, Adam Reiterowski, Michael Maksimow ski, 
Rob Fortnum, Michael Man, MarkStorus, Donal Mulroney, Wilfred [p, [ason Shrouder-1 lenry, I >re\\ 
Masterson, Jeff Best, Andrij Kostyrko, Mr. D. Fitzpatrick, Ms. G. O'C Irady, Mr. 1 Bergin, Mr. P. Barry 

Middle Row (/ r): Eric Canham, Brendan Charles, Steve Ronan, Scott Quinn, Michael Reiterowski, 
Steve Purificati, Michael Ceci, Vinay Fernandes, Daniel Piccininni, David Kuhlmann, Matt Rubacha, 
Michael Galasso, Daniel Wojcik, Peter Gavin-Griddin, Michael Francella, I awrence Donegan, fohn 
falsevac, Vince ( i'Neill, Andrea Pisani, fustin Aucoin, Kelvin I i, Kell I ynch, Brent Craw ford 

Bottom Row (/ r): Michael Stephenson, ( onner I liggins, Blaise Morin, Andrew Macdonald, Mart) 
I ox, Patt Quinn, Kieran Ryan, Chris Zawadski, fefl Mc( abe, Bryan I nth, Nathaniel McGroart) 

Tracker Field 

Champs for 20 Consecutive Years! 

This year's track and field team had an outstanding season. With a terrific blend of distance running 
prowess and sprinting specialists they were the TDCAA Midget, Junior, Senior Champions, and for 
the 20 th consecutive year, the overall boys team champions. 

The team also captured the Midget, Junior and Senior titles at the Metro Championships. The title 
"sweep" firmly established the St. Michael's squad as the top Track and Field team in the city. Nine- 
teen athletes also qualified for the OFSAA championships. 

Front Row (l-r): Jason Shroudei -Henrv, Jeff McCabe, Marty Fox, Kieran Ryan, Stephan Hetherington, Conner Higgins, Andrew Gidaro 

id Row (/-r): Ari Doumouras, Ste\ en Ronan, Michael Gallasso, Max Giacomelli, Drew Masterson, Stephen Purificati, Daniel Ro^etti 
Third Row (l-r): Adam Micieli, Brendan Charles, Greg Nonato, Lawrence Donegan, Toby Holland, Daniel VVojcik 
Four Row {l-r): Vladimir Moisseyldn, Nathaniel McGroarty, Michael Hermanns, Vinay Femandes, Andrew Punzo 
Fifth Row (l-r): Anthony Morris, Darren Brown, Paul Levine, Philbert Ip, Daniel Iadipaolo 
Sixth Row (l-r): Torname Oke, Richard Zulys, Tyrone Edwards, Gabe Grossi 

Seventh Row (l-r): Mr. Emile John (coach), Mr. David Fitzpatrick (coach), Ms. Gail O'Grady (coach), Mr. Paul Barry (coach), Mr. Frank 
Bergin (coach) 

South Region Grade 7 & 8 Champs 
City Silver Medalists Grade 8 

Back Row (/-r): Mr. Callaghan, Steven Rubacha, Chris Smith, Mr. 


Middle Row (/- r): Louis Santelli, Daniel DeMarchi, Conor Behan, 

David Stephens 

Front Row (/-/•): Walker Kitchens, David Torchetti, James Hig- 




I )ennis Wagner 

Kevin Dunn 

Steve Yong 

x.niin Marques 


\n k I )' \mu 

And) Bouffard 

\ mi c A< ( ardo 

\lu had Maletesta 


Junior 1 4 1 

Volle0 l 

Blue Streets 

During the Fall 2001 season, St. Michael's fielded 
a competitive team that improved throughout the 
season. With a 5-4 season record, the Junior Strikers 
earned a playoff berth. Despite mediocre play in the 
playoff round robin, the Strikers made it to the semi- 
finals where they were defeated by Appleby College, 
the eventual CISAA champions. Coach Fischer is 
proud of his athletes' semi-final finish and thanks 
them for their hard work, dedication, and good 
sportsmanship throughout the season. 

r f) f* * ~) 

Back row (l-r): James New, Mike McKeown, Sean Jenkins, Robert 
Greco, Arthur Dermen, Steve Dagenais, Mr. Fischer 

Front row (l-r): Paul Rasbach, David Celebre, Mike Misterski, 
Andrew Bascom, Ivan Miskiv 

Missing: Andrew Punzo 

Blue Streets 

Back row (l-r): Mr. Vitullo, Michael McK- 
eown, Conrad Bach, Steven Duffy, Robert 
Vitullo, Apostolo Zeno, Alex Naldini 

Front row (l-r): Scott Giles, Jeff Book- 
man, James New, Andrew Bascom, Robert 
Citrullo, Anthony Shimkoff 

This year's edition of the Junior Blue Strikers was the youngest in recent 
memory. It was meant to be a year to rebuild for the future, but this squad 
proved otherwise. Starting the year off quite raw and inexperienced, this 
squad soon developed into a legitimate TDCAA contender. Led by their 
stunning defensive play and timely execution, the never say die Strik- 
ers won their pool easily and captured their quarterfinal and semifinal 
matches in dramatic fashion, with 5 set victories. The team fell just short 
in the finals, losing to powerhouse Francis Libermann in 5 sets. The boys 
performed above all expectations the whole season, and created a buzz 
in the school volleyball program once again. 



Back row (/ r): Kevin Dunn, Andrew Lang, Robert Vitullo, Mr. E. Vitullo, 
Pci 11 1 Ck'iru'nti, Greg Burke, Jeff Bookman 

I rout row 1/ r): Anthony Di Nunzio, Ryan (aeza, Mark Molckovsky, 
Chris Citrullo 

Absent: David Di Duio 

B lue Streets 

I his year's edition of the Blue Strikers 
proved to be a rebuilding year in ever) 
sense of the word. Boasting a Grade 9 
setter, two returning starters and onl) 
one graduating player the team fared 
quite well against some of the better- 
teams in the province. Next year the 
team should be vying for the CISAA 


^r-14 j 1 1 

A Competitive Team 

Represented St. Michael's Well 

Finished with a Winning Record 

Bat 1 Row (/ r): Steven Ruba< ha, Mr. ( allaghan, Robert Speei 

Middle Row (/ ; ): I >a\ id (. ooper, I )a\ id Ronan, \lu bael Re 


I ronl Row (/ 1 ): Adam loth, Philip Nil holson, I ri< Kim 


CISAA Field Lacrosse 

3 rd at Ontario High School 
Lacrosse Championship 


Front Row {l-r)\ Richard Clune, Darryl Burkhart, Lucas Miller, Michael Leek- 
ing, Michael Fox-Higgins, Kyle Spurr, Paddy McConvey, Jake Sheehan, Jason 

Back Row (l-r): Ollie Aeby (trainer), Tom Magee, Eric Burton, Colin Molloy, 
Nathan Morris, Alex Bertucci, Michael Carlesimo, Mr. M. Pagano, Joe Cooper, 
Kevin Ross, Angus Dinelev, Paul Mariani, A.J. Forbes, James Walsh, Andrew 
Grossi (trainer) 

Back Row (l-r): Anthony Mancini, Sean Pickles, Mario Corso, Mr. M. 
Romano, Peter Miele, Andrew Cogliano, Matteo Mendicino 

Front Row (l-r): Alessandro Bozzelli, George Pallikaras, Dante Di'Iulio, 
Mark Simone, Nick Suppa, Chris Rosa, Vince Accardo 

Absent: Louis Maiolino, Joel Lenius, Dan Vukovic, Dan Bruno, Michael 
Tilatti, Santago Hernandez, Adriano Zito, Chris Villa 



Season record 13-1-1 

Goals for: 83 

Goals against: 6 

Reached quarterfinals 
in the TDCAA 

Won the 3rd consecutive 
CISAA championship 






The Senior Azzurri had a 
\ ltv successful season in 
2002. An overall record 
of 14 wins and 4 losses, 
the Azzurri went on to 
the TDCAA finals and 
captured the silver med- 
al. Earlier in the season, ^mmmmhhh 
the Azzurri captured the 
All-Catholic Ontario Tournament Cham- 
pionship in Hamilton. In total, the Azzurri 
scored 50 goals and allowed 20. Congratu- 
lations to all the players for a fine season. 

TDCAA playoff finalists 

All-Catholic Ontario 
Tournament Champions 

Back Row (/-r): Mr. A. Zanardo, Gianni Cimini, Michael Crolla, 
Giancarlo Soppellsa, Mario Corbo, Justin Gayle, David I HI lio, 
George Pol) zois, 1 >an Visentin, Mike Plateo, [oe Rini, Frank Pe- 

tr.isso, Mr. M. Romano 

Front Row (/-/•): Paul Kania, Rob Rubino, Peter Guglielmelli, Da- 
vid Santi, Eric Sadowski, Mark Simone, Dan Toto, Stephano t latta, 
P\ an O'l lanagan 

Absent: Marco Greco, Marc Racco, Jordan Sgro (manager) 


-14 . i 11 

1 st place finish 

9-1 season record 

CISAA finalists 

Back Row r):Mr.P.J Miller, Vdam loth. Uex Bezerra, Klex Francella, Martin Lee, Joe Serpe, 

Robert New, Mr 1 > I i 

Fronl Row </ r): 1 ukeGazdic, I. in I evihan, Ben< ontini,( hris Venditti, Bill lannaci, KalvinC hu 







Coaches: Mr. Iame> Oatt, Mr. George bhust. ~ 
Mrs. Dianne Levine, Ms. Julie Demarchi ' m j 

Balancing an aggresive dr\ land and on- 
hill training schedule with four C1SAA 
ski meets and the TDCAA championships, 
the SMC Alpine ski team once again had a 
strong season on the slopes. 

The final overall standings in the CISAA 
showed the U-14 A & B teams in second 
place, the Level I A & B teams in third 
place, and the Level II team in sixth place. 
In a nailbiter, the Level I team just missed a 
second consecutive TDCAA championship 
and finished second. 

Back (I-r): Jeremy Seath, Corbin Lott. John David Burnes, Daniel DeMarchi, Peter 
Xowicki, Taul Opolski, Michael Galasso, Giancarlo Drennan, Ian Lenihan, Adam 

Front (/-)): Andrew Bascom, Richard Cramer 

Absent: Steven Rubacha, John David Levine, Emile Faga, Raphael Sammut, Tom 
Eminowicz (MVP), David Cramer, Janusz Michalik, Mark Frevman, Matt Rubacha, 
Michael Ceci 

1 H 


The Blue Sharks 

(/-r): Andrew Meneguzzi, Andrew Gidaro. Marco Gidaro, Brian Arcand, 
Rob Greco, Mark Johnson, Chris Zawadski, Scott McAulev, Irvin Chow, 
John Latta, Jeff Best, Andrea Pisani, Marc Cordier 

Absent: Michael Surkont, Derek Ma, Arthur Dermen, Drew Masterson, 
Andre Kostyrro, Sean Jenkins, Stefan Bilyk, Peter Chorabik, Brian Mur- 
naghan, A.J. Step, Mark Zochowski, Omar Shaheen 


In picture: 

Mr. Mazzanti, janusz Michalik 


The team began league play in good form, 
getting off to a 2-0 record. In a battle for the 
last playoff spot, we lost to De La Salle by a 
score of 5-4 with the deciding match going to 
three sets. In tournament play, the team did 
very well, winning one silver and four bronze 


Front Row: Eric Cheung, Marco Gadaez, Mike Hui, Joey Hui, 
Chris Di Leo 

Back Row: lon\ Pi Munzio, Kevin Dunn, Andrea Pisani, Mr. J. 
Coghlan, William Sung, Nick Tkach, Adam Kurnik 

Absent: Julian Zamparro, 

Rob Vitullo, Keh in kwong. Matt 

Baldara-^a. Hen 1 Qggs 



Julian Zamparro 

William Song 


Ke\ in Dunn 

Adam Kurnik 

Ber 1 (iggs 

Nicholas Tkach 

Mike Hui 
Andrea Pisani 


Chris Dil eo 

Man i' ( ladacz 

Tonv DiNunzio 

Eric Cheung 

Keh m Kwong 

foej 1 tin 

Matthew Baldassarra 


Front Row (/ r) Marco tlrone, Frank Colino, Julian Zamparo, Mr. C. Lewis, Omar Sha- 
heen, Mike \ K c rat ken I lhot Paul 

Bat k K.> Matt Antolin, Brian Murnagnan, Mark I ocicero, Mike Sperdutti, ( hns 

\ndieoh. Rob rersigni, Mark Sutton, (osepn Simon 

Hai k C entre: lorn koh/ev 


Buzzers Hockey 

2001-2002 Season 
The Team 

Johnathan Lehun, Adrian Kremblewski, Marc Anthony Franco, Kyle Spurr, Tyson Gimblett, George Eliopoulos, 
Matt Seymour, Jeff Kyrzakos, Nick Onody, Nick Pomponio, Wojtek Wolski, Tayler Simpson, Stephen Dennis, 
Michael Prsa, Daniel Pegoraro, Joe Cooper, Ryan Sullivan, Brian Ihnacak, Kevin Pickles, James Gadon, Philip 
Turi, Michael Carlesimo, Matthew Mclsaac 

Giancarlo Mazzanti 
General Manager 

Chris De Piero 
Head Coach 

Vic Criscuolo 
Assistant Coach 

Mario De Piero 

Assistant Coach 

Rich Ricci 
issistant Coach 

Fr. Michael Lehman, C.S.B. 


Michael De Pellegrin 


Harry McAloney 

Equipment Manager 

Dan Nicholson 
Photographer, Program Editor 


Majors Hockey 

I lead Coach: I )ave C ameron 
Associate ( oach: Bob Jones 

2001-2002 Season 

The Team 

Academic AJ\ isors: 
Mr. fohn Walsh & Fr. I teniel Zonri, GS.B 

#2 Geofl Patton, #3 Scotl I leffernan, #4 Tyson Gimblett, #5 Steven Rawski, #6 Ke\ in Klein, #7 Mark Popo\ ic, 
#8 Tim Brent, #9 Drew Fata, #10 Ionian Freeland,#ll Jerrod Smith, #12 Scott I [orvath, H 1 3 Michael Gough, #15 
Kyle Spurr, #16 Ryan Rorabeck, #17 Matt Bacon, #19 Frantisek Lukes, #20 Matt Ellis, #21 Darn I Boyce,#22Da- 
ryl Knowles, #24Matl Seymour, #2^ foe Guenther, #27 Darryl Bootland,#30 Peter Budaj, #35 \iuh Chiodo 


Undefeated in 
regular season 

I s * place finish 

Finalists in UCC 
Invitational Tournament 

Semi-finalists in Loyola 
Sports Tournament 


Back Row (l-r): Richie Mariani, Louis Gasbarre "A", Steven DiMonte "A", 
Joe Serpe, Robert Speer, David Wallace "A" 

Middle Row (l-r): Adam Turco (trainer), James Fazari, Greg Micieli, Alex 
Bezerra, Mike Iwanski, Tyler Forbes, Mike Pelech, Andrew Amlinger, Adam 
Micieli, Adrian DeVincenzo, Adam Templeton, Eric Rubino, Nico Figliano, 
Paul Mariani (trainer) 

Front Row (l-r): Devon Laszlo, Justin Troiani, Mr. D. Lee, Mike Liambis, Ben 
Contini "C", Colin, Donovan, Mr. P.J. Miller, Louis Caparusso, Chris Venditti 


TDCAA Champions 
CISAA Champions 

3rd Row (/-/): Andrew Cogliano, Andrew Kizito, Matt Ganas, Vince Rocco, Mike Bellisario, Jhase Sniderman, Matt Pelech, 

2nd Row (l-r): Reggie Yong, Mike Moffat, Mike Ragan, Mr. D. Blaik (coach), Mr. J. Walsh (coach), Mr. M. De Pellegrin 
(coach), Jeff Woo, Paul Parsons, Rob Poole 

1st Row (l-r): Eddy Winiarz, Andrew Bonello, Sean Kavanaugh, David Nficoletti, Joel Lenius, Wade Finegan, Frank Selke 




Guelph Tournament Champs 

TDCAA Champs 

OFSAA Participants 

Standing (/-r): Andrew Isaac , Mr. Chittle (coach), Padd) \K t_ onvey, \ ladimir Moisse) km, B.J. Quinto, I.I' Giliberto, Erii Sadowski, 
Dave Sheedy, Michael Myslicki, | us tin Puppi, Mi< hael Scarcello, Andrew Sydor (manager), Ben I [iggs Mr Byrne oa< h), fonj DiNun- 
/n>, Mr Fifield (coach) 

On knee (/-r): Angus Dinely, Peter Gugliemelli, Jan Naranowicz, Derek Mior, Adrian Spagnolo, Mark Scocylak, Andrew Roberts, Derek 
Whittaker, David Ksiazkiewicz 

Vbsent Sj U u> I ombardi 

a d i a t o r est 

gladiator in arena consilium capit. 

amnio qifaeramus seria hulo... 


Prep School Intramural Hockey 

\\ alanche 

Front Row: Bill Iannachi, Andrew Corso, Cameron Macinnis, Michael 
Morra, Michael Rosada, Steve rricarico, Anthony Albina 
Back Row : Robert New, Joe Zentil, Adrian Knnec, Armand Zentil 
Missing: Andrew Rowland 


Faint Row: Andrew Piccininni. Robert Martiano, Philip Sochan, John Hwang 

Back Row: Matthew Distefano, Mikhailo Babiak, Christian Melchior, 

Matt Chine, Louis Santelli 

Missing: Michael McLeod, Phil Nicholson, Alexi van Petreghem 


Front Row: Gianfranco Guida, Anton Kobzev, Walker Kitcliens 

Back Row: Aaron Ni\en. John David Burnes. David Torcheeti, Paul Di 

Biase, Michael Babiak (coach) 

g Emile Faga, Adrian Yreni. John Wintermeyer, David Trafford 


Front Row: Justin Leon, James Cutler. Adam Toth, Dave Stevens, Richard 

Di Lena 

Back Row: Andrew Chachula, Michael Tedesco, Stefan Suppa, Mark Walsh 

Missing: Adam Bianchi, Justin Leon, Luca Martella, Ben Morse 

Derek OTarrel 

Mark Tower 


Faint Row: Michael Tracono. Rile) Mel can, Michael Refold, Paul Keeler-Lavin 

Back Row: John David Lev ine, Matthew Pasquale, Kelvin Chu. Michael 

Di Lena 

Missing: Thomas Andreoli, lame- Stace; 

Derek Whittaker 

Scorer's Bench Officials 

Adam Templeton 
Sean O'l oghlen 

Ian Lenihan 


Rod Wings 

1 rout Rom . Matt Fitzgibbons, I ru I ontardi, I ee Yankow, Conor Behan. 

I >an Mi ravish 

Back Row : Francesco C ongiusta, Michael D'Uva Louie Oliverio, Stefan 

Gadacz, I )a> id c ooper 

Missing: Daniel De Marchi, Regan McDonnell 

SI. it- 

Fronl Row: |oe Mi Andrew Bottomley 

Back Row: Nino Maachia, Martin I ee, Kevin Kuhlman, |effre) Roy- 

iwsky, Ink's I )'Mello 

Missing: Alessandro Capo, Jai Matthew \ 












































I or the I eafs: In the finals, Daniel Stevens scored four goals and had two 
assists for the Leafs. Adam Bianchi scored lour goals and had one assist for 
the I rats. Mike Tedesco scored tour goals for the victorious I eafs. 

Playoff Results 
Feb. 18— Blues 12,Hawks4 
Feb. 21 — Wings 9, Brums 4 
Feb. 26— Wings 3, Blues 1 


Feb. 27— Wings 6, 1 eats 2 
Feb. 28— 1 eats J, Wings 2 
March 5 — Leafs 4. Wings J 

Junior Intramural Hockey he 

in. Mike I 1 \nilrru Morsilto 

in Saladziak, I >a 
( anhai 



Back Row M mono, Kellcn Lidstom 

dour, (ravis O'Farrell Mikr freutler Darren Brown 



Front Row: Damon Gaffney, Mike Malatesta, Carl Mazurek, Paul Ras- 

bach, Da\'id Nespolo 

Back Row: Jon Carere, Warren Saldanha, Ollie Aeby, Kurt U hittaker, 

Ryan Delcurentis, Jason Kolarich, Adam Debowski 


Front Row: Chris Tino, Mike McDonnell, Matthew Filip, Jason Poprawa 
Back Row: Vince Formusa, Nick Solda, Jon Buckley, Joe Moyer 
Missing: Massimo De Simone 

The Avalanche finished first in the Junior Division with eight wins and a tie. It was ex- 
pected that they would be the champions but they lost to the last-place Bruins 9-5 as Daniel 
Burton scored six goals for the Bruins. The Stars beat the Hawks 6-3 as Chris Tino scored 
four goals. The next day the Stars lost to the Bruins 4-1 and the Bruins were declared cham- 
pions as the Stars were unable to play a second game. Nick Solda of the Stars was the lead- 
ing scorer of the season with twenty goals and eight assists. 


























Paul Shaughnessy 

Mark Power 

Derek O'Farrell 

Senior Intramural Hockey 


Front Row: Casey Hayward, Dan Piccininni, Ben Higgs, Mike Skubic, Paul 
Friday, John Reiterowski 

Back Row: Andrew Alkins, ( lianpaolo Di Blasi, Adam Reiterowski, Mark 
Power, Kevin Spraggs, Kirk Reid, Andrew Siquiera 

Missing: Scott O'Farrell, Ryan Sullivan 


Front Row: Paul Marchese, Andrew Solda, Derek Whittaker, Simon 
Leon, Kevin McHugh 

Back Row: Bryan Badali, Ian Neubauer, Daniel Grant, Nick Cifelli 
Missing: Chris Andreoli, Richard Campbell, Max Giacomelli, Sean Mc- 
Carthy, Paul Tershakowec 


Red Wings 

• Row Matl Roddy, Bryan MacKinnon, Paul Shaughnessey, I rank 
c erullo, Andrew Meneguzzi, David Mitchell, Pat Kavanagh 
Back Row: Marl Baldassarra, Kit Wood, Man Sutton, Pat I ovgren, Da- 
mien ( rost, I terek ( > I .irrell 


Front Row: (. r.n>; Burton, 1 iannis Soumalias, \u holas Rizzuli, Robert 

I]//:, Vndre Solo ki - 
Back Row: Nick ( )nedy, Andre.) Pisani, Dave Badour, Eddie Chan, Kent 
Pawiuk, Robert c ireco, Ian Mori 
Missing: I\ ler Colford, Connor M< Master 

In Senior Playoffs the Wings defeated the I eafs in a grot game on Maj 7. 
[he next day, the Sharks turned back the Oilers 7-5 as Craig Burton got the 
hat trick tor the victors. Hie Wings beal the Sharks 4-3 in the first game ol the 
finals. The next day the Wings won 7-4 as Paul Shaughness) scored two goals 
for the winners. In regular season play I terek O'l arrel] had 28 points i L8-12) 
while \ldtt Baldassarra had 26 points ( lS-8)also for the Wings. Ben Higgs had 
26 points for the I eafs 1 18-8). 































Above (J r): David Ronan, Adam rempleton, Michael Reford, 

Sean O'Loughlen, Mike Treutler, Stefan Saladziak, Mark 

Power, Derek O'l arrell, Derek Whittaker 

Mi Bill I ifield 

< .en emora 



ciEL-i=eRi=mne isn vehirb